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Sacred Marriage Changes

Dear Friend,

Ali and I have met, journeyed together and we have been clearly guided to proceed with the Workshop in June, but reduce it to one day, Saturday 23rd, with a view to taking the work further and deeper later in the year, probably in October.

In fact there are several advantages to making this change, in particular it will mean that we remain very much in tune with the needs of the individuals who attend and to the great cosmic events currently unfolding.  It will also mean a new, lower price!

So this is how the June workshop will proceed:

09.00:                     Arrival, registration and settling in

09.30:                     Opening Sacred Space

09.45:                     Introductions and presentation of Marriage Gifts

10.15:                     Cosmic Marriage Despacho and the Return of the Inka Prophecy

11.15:                     REFRESHMENT BREAK

11.30:                     Mapping the inner masculine and feminine using Sand-painting Mandalas

12.30:                     LUNCH

13.30:                 Embodying the Cosmic Elements through Sacred Movement

14.00:                     Preparing for the Alchemical Marriage: story telling & creative expression

15.00:                     REFRESHMENT BREAK

15.30:                     Journeying for the Marriage Guests

16.15:                     Personal preparation for the Marriage Ceremony

16.45:                     Union

17.30:                     The new map of the inner masculine and feminine (revisiting the sand-painting mandalas)

18.00:                     Reflections and feedback

18.30:                     Closing Sacred Space      

Please note that this programme remains subject to change, but it will give you a good idea of what we plan to include.  We realise that you may not know what certain things mean or will involve, but all will be revealed and it’s good to have some surprises!

We intend for this to be a dynamic and very enjoyable day, with deep work and lots of celebration.  We are sure that everyone will leave profoundly touched by this unique event and our intention is to bring great healing through inner re-alignment which we expect will have significant and positive impacts on all participants’ external relationships.


The total cost of the workshop is £120, which includes all refreshments, lunch and use of the venue.

To secure your place

All participants need to have paid in full by MONDAY 11th JUNE  at the latest.

Staying at Whaley Hall overnight on Friday 22nd June:

If you have a longer distance to travel and wish to stay overnight beforehand, then you are very welcome to do so.  The additional cost of this stay is £30 per person, which includes breakfast on Saturday morning.  If you choose to do this, you are very welcome to join Ali and Neil for Fire Breathing and Early Morning Meditation at 7.30am.  If you wish to stay overnight, please contact Ali Rabjohns on 07528 614747 or email her at by Monday 11th June at the latest.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to Whaley Hall and the Sacred Marriage Workshop,

Love and Blessings, Neil and Ali

Ps:  If you need to talk to us or contact us, Ali is available on 07528 614747.

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