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Winter Solstice And The Ñ’usta Karpay Retreat

What with the Solar Eclipse on Monday 14th December and the Solstice on 21st December at 10am, it certainly feels as though we are birthing a new Age!. The Winter Solstice is important for me, because it’s an active sign to the world that I’m taking some time out to practice deep listening and honouring of myself. Whatever you are doing during this festive period, I hope you get some downtime to do the same.

No matter what is happening, the Andean Mystical Path is a huge resource to my daily practice. I asked Don Augustine if he would be willing to share these beautiful Karpay over the Winter Solstice weekend, see details later in this post about this amazing gift he is offering us.

Winter Solstice And The Andean Mystical Tradition.

The Q’ero people use the metaphor of the seed in many of their ceremonies and rituals. It is important that this seed is supported by all the four elements: Earth, water, air (expression) and fire ( warmth or inner light). This fits with the idea that we need to strengthen our inner light in the dark winter months. In the Q’ero tradition, the Inca seed (or Inka Muju) is located behind the heart chakra and there are many energy exercises that can allow this seed to grow towards its highest potential. This seed holds the blueprint of our highest destiny. We can help it to grow by holding it sweetly in our awareness or consciousness.

Inti Raymi Festival

The ancient Inca’s celebrated a special  festival (Inti Raymi) to honour the sun god at the time of the December solstice. The ceremony was also said to indicate the mythical origin of the Inca’s. It lasted for nine days and was filled with colourful dances and processions, as well as animal sacrifices to thank Pachamama and to ensure a good cropping season. In the 16th century ceremonies were banned by the Roman Catholic church in their bid to convert the Inca people to Christianity. A local group of Quechuan Indians in Cusco, Peru revived the festival in the 1950’s.

Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous peoples of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting, embodies the mountains, and causes earthquakes. She is also an ever-present and independent deity who has her own creative power to sustain life on this earth.

This picture on the left  is a watercolour painting I made of a gold tablet, that was originally drawn as a sketch by Juan de Santa Cruz Pachacuti-Yamqui in the 1600’s. This is a representation of the Inca Cosmos and was found on the wall behind the main altar in the Temple of the Sun, Lower Cusco, Peru. The images and Metaphors in this piece are still a mystery but it is evident how important connection to these nature beings are to the Inca tradition, especially the star nation and specific constellations, like Orion, Pleiades, the Sun, Venus and the Moon.

The medicine people within the Q’ero nation are known as “paqos,” which means “priest or mystic” in Quechuan, the language of the Inca. Being in the full presence of this ancient wisdom can forever change the way we perceive the world around us. It opens the infinite door into our Llankay (the power of service and body). Yachay (the power of mind, wisdom and knowledge) and Munay (the power of Love, our will power and emotions).

The Ñusta Karpay Online Retreat 19th and 20th December 3-7pm GMT

Don Augustine (my teacher) is a  Pampamesayoq. These healers source their power and information from the land. He and his son Santos have generously offered to give seven energy transmissions called Karpay, with the Goddess energy of the Apus ( the Mountain Spirits). In this two-day online retreat around the time of Winter Solstice, you will explore and develop a committed, daily spiritual practice. You will be expected to attend both sessions, it isn’t possible just to come for one session, each session is 4hrs.

The Ñustas are the feminine energy of the Apus (the mountain spirits which hold both a feminine and a masculine energy to obtain balance).

Ñusta is the Quechuan name for a goddess / princess, a woman of royal blood from the Incan empire. These 7 karpay will support you to open up to your own feminine source within. They will peacefully enter your heart and slowly strengthen your connection to this special energy. Enabling a deepening of the feminine energy within. They will also have a ripple effect in your exterior world. The Ñustas are also in connection with the waters and the mountains and of course Pachamama, so in time you will feel a deeper connection to “everything” and move your life forward from this standpoint.

These Karpays are steeped with wisdom and are a wonderful experiential way to embody the secrets of the Andean mystical spiritual path first hand. By the end of your time, you will have a deeper insight into this authentic shamanic path. You will have plenty of time to deepen your connection with this divine Andean tradition and Mother Earth.

These sacred rites are experienced through ceremony and will help you to gain perspective on your own sacred path in life. As all transmissions, the whole body and etheric part of us will be affected, slowly opening up and releasing the energy that no longer serves you.

Before we receive each Karpay, Don Augustine gives the explanation of each one. This is a beautiful way to “fall” even deeper in-to the Andean energy shifts and understanding with our hearts.

Full Moon Despacho Ceremony, 30th December 2020 @8pm GMT

Don Augustine will also be offering a Full Moon Despacho Ceremony on 30th December 2020.

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” — Helen Keller

Here are the films I have made to encourage a daily practice so far.

I will also offering opportunities to connect through energetic exercises from the Andean tradition in the New Year, please contact me: enquiries@alirabjohns.com to be put on my database.

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