Shamanic Practitioner and Arts Counsellor

White Buffalo Drum Circle and Despacho Ceremony

The White Buffalo Drum Circle and Despacho Ceremony for unity was a powerful event this weekend, many people traveling far and wide to be there.

White Buffalo Woman took us on a deep , gentle healing journey through the power of her voice, medicine drum and beautiful indian flutes. We all drummed together to raise the vibration of the ceremony , which took several hours to complete. Needless to say, much healing happened in a short space of time. Spirit medicine was strong, being channelled through White Buffalo Woman as the wise words of Sitting Bull – a famous sioux chief. White Buffalo Woman also sang some of the chants that she had previously been given from the 21 Native american chiefs. Please see Theresa’s website for more details:  http://www.radiantsounds.org.uk/

After a short break, the circle continued with a Despacho ceremony with Ali for unity consciousness and also for people’s personal healing, for the healing of our friends and family and for the healing of our community. The Despacho ceremony is a very important component of the Andean Medicine Tradition and helps us to re-connect to Pachamamma (Mother Earth) and all of nature, including the Apu’s (Mountain spirits) and the stars (Chaska).

We hope to carry this circle on  as part of  The Wild Star Gathering on 18 August in Stanmer Park. Please contact Ali for more details.

The picture below shows the despacho wrapped in a medicine blanket. This is then used to cleanse the energy field of every participant at the end of the ceremony, before it’s burnt in a fire ceremony outside.