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Full Moon 27.5.10

Full Moon in Brittany

My website is up and running now, which leaves this blog more as a commentary on seasonal and local shamanic happenings. I hope to connect with other like-minded souls over the coming months and share sites, ideas and projects with you all.

This May moon is known as Seed Moon, Hare Moon and Bright Moon. The earth is becoming fertile again, a time for planting rites. Now is the time for communication with other beings and recommitting yourself to the Gods and the earth.

I’ve just bought a wooden bowl from a second-hand shop , I’m going to blacken the inside with ink and ceremonially create a scrying bowl. This bowl will be kept just for that – apparently the bowl must be a dark colour so that when it’s filled with water the reflective surface becomes a sheen of blackness, where the eyes might stare into the lands of spirits and bring messages forth the scryer. It reminds me of couldrons and witches …

What will happen? I’ll let you know!. I am very connected to water – which is why I think it’s calling me.

I’d like to honour this full moon with a poem from a wonderful book called ‘Earth Prayers’ .

Let the reeds pander to the wayward wind

I am the mountain range

That determines the course of wind.

Let the seaweed flatter the inconstant tide,

I am the moon

That controls the tide’s ebb and flow

Let the magnet succumb to the unbending north and south,

I am the great earth

Only I have directions


Go Well

Share this around a fire and shed what no longer serves you.

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