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Mystical Path 2023/24

I also offer an 8 week online introductory course called Flowering like a Paqo

I invite you to welcome more magic, more playfulness, and curiosity into your life. This can help you to feel empowered, remain true to yourself, and above all, trust your intuition.

Join our New Moon Despacho Ceremony with Pampamesayoq Don Agustin and Santos Machacca Apaza on 14th September 2023 at 8 pm, where we will be introducing the Shamanic Practitioner Training.

You can also see a copy of the brochure here.

We will be creating a mesa of 12 Khuyas, (stones imbued with loving-kindness) that connect us to the Kawsay Pacha, a cosmos of living energy. Your mesa is a cosmic power pack that helps you to be grounded, centered, and strong.

This training is intended to prepare you to become a fourth-level Paqo (or healer in the Andean tradition). We are looking to create a heaven here on earth and the sessions will help you to bring coherence to your energy body. By the end of the course, you will have become more conscious about how you use your intention.

Each session will also help you to see yourself with more compassion, developing your resilience and strength.

The training can be taken as a 1 or a 3-year course.

More About Ali’s background here.

  • Course Content: overview and detail

    Overview of Medicine Tools you will be taught:

    • The Andean Tradition: Right/Centre/Left side of the path.
    • Creating a medicine bundle or Mesa of stones that you will be able to use on your journey to discover your hidden treasure – your true self.
    • Shamanic journeying: exploring the 3 worlds – upper/middle/lower
    • Release of Hucha (heaviness) and calling in Sami (light) to replace it
    • Flowering exercise
    • Khuya Lympia (stone healing)
    • Fire Ceremony and creating a ceremony
    • The Andean Cosmovision
    • Deepening your connection with nature
    • The Four Archetypes: Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle.
    • Working as a circle
    • Daily Practice
    • Experiential and creative exercises
    • Energy exercises
    • Creating an Altar
    • Ritual and working with the mythic
    • Sandpaintings and self-inquiry

    There is an opportunity to move to a second year if you want to become a practitioner and learn the healing tools.

    This course can be online or face to face. I want to give you as much of an authentic experience of these amazing teachings as possible through online (recorded) Zoom calls, films, printed resources, and individual support where necessary. This is a non-judgemental, confidential, and safe space that you are stepping into.

    The core elements of the Tradition that I am offering in this programme were passed onto me initially by the current living masters of the Tradition Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado and later by other great contemporary teachers, Joan Parisi Wilcox, Elizabeth B Jenkins, Alberto Villoldo and Chris Waters. More about How Ali teaches here

During the year-long training, there will be several opportunities to work with my teacher Pampamesayoq Don Agustin Machacca Florez and his son Santos Machacca Apaza via Zoom.

Don Agustin is a master despacho maker, he will be teaching us to make a despacho (or haywariqui). He will also be teaching us about his mesa, as well as offering the Kinsantin Karpay, which connects us to the three worlds: The Ukhu Pacha,(the lower world), The Kaypacha (the middle world), and the Hanaq Pacha (the upper world

We are going to develop our attention, our awareness to be able to move, attune and exchange with the world of living energy. We learn how to make deep, intuitive, and energetic connections with Mother Earth and experience what it means to be part of the natural living cosmos. Develop the vision you need to become a Paqo. A Paqo is a term for a person who is trained in and practices the Andean mystical tradition, an Andean healer.

  • They bring Munay: which is “love imbued with your will”, Yachay: your wisdom, and Ll’anqay, which is the physical aspect of work into balance.
  • Honour yourselves, as well as your friends, your families, and your communities with all the light available to you.
  • Work together in harmony, as a collective.
  • Set your intention to clear all limiting behaviours and self-beliefs that hold you back from walking with beauty.

This path can help to release anxiety. The intention for the first year is to inspire and empower you to really meet yourself. We will be focussing on creating a more heart-centered life.

A safe, supportive environment encourages your own self-care, helping to bring you into balance, as well as foster a deeper sacred connection to Pachamama.

You will learn the insightful healing tools you will need to become a practitioner and gain a certificate, that enables you to practice as a Paqo, an Andean healer.

There are many energy exercises to help release heavy energy or Hucha and then bring that issue into harmony/Ayni or balance. Through this work, we will be increasing the efficiency, the quality, and the intention of our energy exchanges with the universe.

In a safe and supported space, you will be able to see how to get to the root of an issue without trauma or drama.

Medicine Wheel Students

Background Reading

Juan Nuñez del Prado talks about us being on a path of ‘conscious evolution.’ We learn about the core of our being and about walking softly on the planet. 

Recently the Q’ero medicine men and women witnessed the glaciers melting in the Andes. To them, this was a sign from an ancient prophecy that it was time for them to come down from the mountains and share their medicine with the west. This they have willingly done in special workshops and training around the world with open hearts and arms. The Q’ero teachings are about bringing things back into balance with nature and working in ‘Ayni’ or in reciprocity. The Q’eros see the divine in all nature and speak to each mountain, star, rock, river, and tree with great care. In the Quechuan language, there is no word for ‘I’. So come and join us in the circle and experience the essence of this beautiful energy that is created when we tune in together to this powerful medicine and build our awareness as to how it can bring our own lives into balance.

We have an Inka seed inside of us. An Inka Muju, it’s part of our energetic anatomy. It’s our full potential as human beings that we can realise as we perfect our consciousness, our awareness, our intention in Ayni. We have a seed planted in the energy field of our bodies that we are going to germinate and grow and bloom. We are flowers in the garden of God, of Wirracocha.

There’s a phrase called the Kawsay Wachu. Wachu means the row that you would plough in a field or a furrow that is ploughed in a field. It’s like there’s an amazing field of living energy and we are all like seeds that have been planted in this field. We are learning to germinate and sprout and grow into the fullness of our being. 

We can be filled with the nectar of the universe the light living energy, the Sami of the universe. We are seeds in the field of the living universe.

Dates 2023-2024

The Mystical path: Face to Face

Every second Sunday of the Month, starting in September 2023, 10 am – 4.30 pm in a beautiful sustainable eco-lodge overlooking the South Downs. 

 All resources provided.

The Mystical Path Online

7.30-9 pm (UK time) on a Monday evening. Recordings are available.

Starting October 2023

32 Weeks in total: 48 hours teaching via Zoom. All resources provided.

Please request details from Ali, please contact her directly about joining these courses. 

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.”
Caroline Myss

The Inka prophecies tell us through the engagement of our MUNAY (the power of our individual will directed by love) that we can evolve to a higher state of consciousness they call The Fourth Level.

The Inka Prophecy teaches us that we have the power to move to a state where we consciously choose LOVE over FEAR every time, to feel ourselves to be in the driver’s seat of our lives by coming into resonance with Mother Nature. The Return of the Inka tells of a time when the permanent snows of the high Andes mountain will start to disappear and the Pachacuti, meaning world turned upside down, begins to dissolve the current cosmic order, preparing the way for a new world. The time is known as the Taripaypacha—the age of meeting ourselves again, and the importance of it is to carry out the Tukuyayniniyoq, which means the Great Ayni, or cultural exchange of the knowledge and achievements of all the children of Pachamama around the world. 

(© From notes shared by Elizabeth B Jenkins 2020)

Held on one Sunday a month over a year and as an online training, the Medicine Wheel Programme is an initiation process handed down from the High Andes and the Q’ero nation that helps us to honour ourselves, as well as our friends, our families and our communities with all the light available to us. It is a beautiful and powerful journey around the four cardinal directions with the archetypes.

It is a beautiful and powerful journey around the four cardinal directions with the archetypes. This course honours our right as human beings to speak, write, hear and know the truth of our becoming. It will help us to see that death (or a transition) is an opportunity to grow on every level. This organizing principle helps us to see clearly through the darkness to find our way step by step as we listen to ourselves and to our unseen guides. We will help you to set your intention to clear all limiting behaviours and self-beliefs that hold you back from walking with beauty.

You will create a medicine bundle or Mesa of stones that you will be able to use on your journey to discover your hidden treasure, your true self.
Core tools we will be working with around the wheel will be: working as a circle, hucha (heaviness) release and calling in sami (light) to replace this, sand paintings, fire ceremony, shamanic journeying, experiential and creative exercises, dreaming our world into being, energetic tracking skills, a deep connection to Nature, Munay Ki rites, mini death rites.

VENUE: A beautiful eco building in Rodmell with views of the downs.

DATES: To be confirmed for 2021. Please contact Ali for more details.

HOW TO BOOK YOUR PLACE OR FOR MORE INFORMATION: To book your place please phone Ali on 07528 614 747 or contact her by email on enquiries@alirabjohns.com

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