The Moving Mandala Retreat

September 3rd – 6th, 2020

Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

A Shamanic, Creative Retreat for Earth, Peace and Transformation.

During this powerful 4 day intensive training, participants will be held within the safe and creative space of the 12 point Mandala. In sacred geometry the 12 point star (sometimes called the Cosmic Gateway) is referred to as the infinite field of all Creation and is a very powerful tool for awakening and manifesting our creative life purpose.

This is a superb opportunity to go within, connecting deeply to the earth, working with goddess archetypes, the chakras and taking the time we need to listen to ourselves and Mother Earth.

Through shamanic journeying, creative expression, dance, sounding, colour and sacred ceremony participants will receive 7 shamanic initiations corresponding to each of our 7 Chakras and related elements.

For the 8th Chakra ceremony we will invite our community to witness as we dance in 12 point Mandala, a moving meditation or dance for the land, connecting to our descent into the darkness of winter and preparation for the winter solstice.

The Moving Mandala is a powerful Community building tool and works to enhance and reinforce your personal spiritual practice. So whether you practice Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, Energy Medicine, Body Awareness, Sounding/Toning, Intuitive/Ecstatic Dance and/or any Earth Based Spiritual practice this training may be for you.

Join us as as we journey into the rainbow, into the mystical space between our thoughts and dreams where the sky meets the land and we are able to see and express our true potential. Space is limited to 12 new participants and preregistration is required, so if this calls to you please contact me soon.

Looking forward to connecting with you all soon!