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8 Week Online Introductory Course, leading into the Medicine Wheel.

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Taught by Ali Rabjohns

The intention behind this programme is to give you a glimpse of the essence that this powerful medicine holds. We will be journeying, creating ceremony and learning the fundamental tools that will help you to develop a daily shamanic practice. These include energy exercises, creating an altar, creating a sand painting, ceremony and journeying. This workshop will encourage an awareness of the unseen worlds that are all around us and of the many layers of nature.

The real value of the practices of Andean Sacred Tradition is to help us live life consciously. This is what the choice of a spiritual path is all about, not just cultivating qualities that enhance well-being such as non-judgement, unconditional love, forgiveness and patience. It’s also being conscious of every action, thought, feeling, emotional intention, intuition, dream and vision. It’s about bridging worlds, not being immersed in either the mundane or the magical. It’s about having the courage to dance between both and to get up quickly when we fall.

What is wonderful is that we only need access to nature to be able to practice these energy exercises and Andean teachings.

Course Content: overview and detail

• Creating a daily practice with Saminchakui – cleansing the body’s energy field, Saywa Chakui – strengthening the body’s energy field, hucha release

and the fire breath, opening sacred space. Working with the three centres of Yachay (or wisdom), Munay ( our love in service) and Llanqay (our physical work)

• Ceremony: creating a Despacho or Haywareequy. this will include an overview of its purpose and a description of typical contents and the process involved.

• The Andean Cosmovision and connecting with your nature parents: (your Itu Apu and Paqarina) and guiding star.

  • Sandpaintings: Working in the mythic.
  • Exploring the three worlds: Hanaqpacha or upper world, Kaypacha or middle world and Ukhu Pacha or lower world.
  • How we might build our Mesa or misha this will include a description of its purposes and contents.
  • Building and Altar and working with archetypal energies.
  • Fire Ceremony and how to create your own, working with a candle.
  • The Chumpi Away rite, stepping into your power.
  • A introduction of the three strands of the Andean tradition (right “phaña”; middle “chaupi”; left “lloq’e”)
    Each week I will send you resources, films and links to help you prepare for the class on Wednesday. I will also be setting you soul work to do in-between the sessions.

    How do I teach?

    I want to give you as much of an authentic experience of these amazing teachings as possible through online (recorded) Zoom calls, films, printed resources and individual support where necessary. I am a trained teacher, with a background in the arts and teaching craft. I like to invite you to use as many of our senses as possible when teaching/learning. I want you to have fun and learn to trust what your body is telling you. Ultimately, my aim is for you to really step into your power and use your intuition with this powerful work and to fly like an eagle at the end of our time together. This is a non judgemental, confidential and safe space that you are stepping into. Honouring my teachers

    The core elements of the Tradition that I am offering in this programme were passed onto me initially by the current living masters of the Tradition Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado and later by other great contemporary teachers, Joan Parisi Wilcox, Elizabeth B Jenkins, Alberto Villoldo and Chris Waters.

Medicine Wheel Students

About Ali Rabjohns 

Ali trained as a Transpersonal Arts Counsellor at Tobias School of Therapeutic Arts in East Grinstead. She has worked in private practice since 2018 and is BACP registered. She is a trained Shamanic Practitioner of Andean energy medicine with a lineage from the Q’ero nation in the High Andes and a teacher of this tradition. She runs a Medicine Wheel programme and offers regular shamanic and creative workshops, ceremonies and healing sessions to her community.

Ali trained with the Four Winds society in 2008 and has completed all three “paths” of the tradition with her teachers Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado and once with Joan Parisi Wilcox. In addition, she has undergone additional training and received transmissions (karpays) with Elizabeth B Jenkins in Wales.

Ali is also a Moving Mandala Facilitator, a programme developed by Nancy Dancing Light. This programme uses sacred geometry as a tool for healing and transformation for ourselves and the earth. She facilitates women’s circles, offers creative retreats, as well as an 8 week Moving Mandala Programme. As an Arts Counsellor, she works with clients 1:1 in her sustainable Eco lodge, as well as in a Therapeutic College for Special Needs. She’s an artist and enjoys working with natural colours and textiles.

Background Reading

The Q’ero lineage are a group of indigenous Indians originating from the highest Andes of Peru. When the Spanish conquistadors invaded Peru in the 1500’s, some survivors escaped into the mountains and kept their sacred teachings pure. The Q’ero’s have been able to pass on their healing traditions and ceremony aurally from one generation to the next. They continue to develop advanced techniques in healing, divination and ceremony, keeping a strong spiritual connection to the Andes.

Recently the Q’ero medicine men and women witnessed the glaciers melting in the Andes. To them, this was a sign from an ancient prophecy that it was time for them to come down from the mountains and share their medicine with the west. This they have willingly done in special workshops and trainings around the world with open hearts and arms. The Q’ero teachings are about bringing things back into balance with nature and to work in ‘Ayni’

or in reciprocity. The Q’eros see the divine in all nature and speak to each mountain, star, rock, river and tree with great care. In the Quechuan language, there is no word for ‘I’. So come and join us in the circle and experience the essence of this beautiful energy that is created when we tune in together to this powerful medicine and build our awareness as to how it can bring our own lives into balance.

Contemporary shamanism holds teachings that are thousands of years old and honed for modern day living. They are efficient light filled practices that bring us back into balance with the Earth and ourselves. The Q’ero medicine men and women continue to develop advanced techniques in healing, divination and ceremony while keeping a strong spiritual connection to the Andes.

Please see Terms and Conditions and other paperwork Ali sent to you for details regarding how to pay, booking, cancellations and refunds.

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.”
Caroline Myss

The Inka prophecies tell us through the engagement of our MUNAY (the power of our individual will directed by love) that we can evolve to a higher state of consciousness they call The Fourth Level.

The Inka Prophecy teaches us that we have the power to move to a state where we consciously choose LOVE over FEAR every time, to feel ourselves to be in the driver’s seat of our lives by coming into resonance with Mother Nature. The Return of the Inka tells of a time when the permanent snows of the high Andes mountain will start to disappear and the Pachacuti, meaning world turned upside down, begins to dissolve the current cosmic order, preparing the way for a new world. The time is known as the Taripaypacha—the age of meeting ourselves again, and the importance of it is to carry out the Tukuyayniniyoq, which means the Great Ayni, or cultural exchange of the knowledge and achievements of all the children of Pachamama around the world. 

(© From notes shared by Elizabeth B Jenkins 2020)

Held on one Sunday a month over a year, the Medicine Wheel Programme is an initiation process handed down from the High Andes and the Q’ero nation that helps us to honour ourselves, as well as our friends, our families and our communities with all the light available to us. It is a beautiful and powerful journey around the four cardinal directions with the archetypes.

It is a beautiful and powerful journey around the four cardinal directions with the archetypes. This course honours our right as human beings to speak, write, hear and know the truth of our becoming. It will help us to see that death (or a transition) is an opportunity to grow on every level. This organizing principle helps us to see clearly through the darkness to find our way step by step as we listen to ourselves and to our unseen guides. We will help you to set your intention to clear all limiting behaviours and self-beliefs that hold you back from walking with beauty.

You will create a medicine bundle or Mesa of stones that you will be able to use on your journey to discover your hidden treasure, your true self.
Core tools we will be working with around the wheel will be: working as a circle, hucha (heaviness) release and calling in sami (light) to replace this, sand paintings, fire ceremony, shamanic journeying, experiential and creative exercises, dreaming our world into being, energetic tracking skills, a deep connection to Nature, Munay Ki rites, mini death rites.

Ali Rabjohns is a Shamanic Practitioner of Andean Energy Medicine, with a lineage from the Q’ero nation in the High Andes. Ali has trained with Alberto Villoldo and The Four Winds Society, Juan and Ivan Nunez Del Prado and Elizabeth Jenkins. She is passionate about being a Moving Mandala Facilitator and offers Creative Retreats, as well as an 8 week Moving Mandala Programme. She runs a Year long Medicine Wheel Programme and offers regular Shamanic and Creative Workshops, Ceremonies and Healing Sessions to her community at large.

As an Arts Counsellor, Ali works with clients 1:1 in her sustainable eco lodge, as well as in a Therapeutic College for Special Needs. Ali is an artist and enjoys working with natural colours and textiles including felt and weaving. She lives and runs her healing practice near Lewes, S.E England.

VENUE: A beautiful eco building in Rodmell with views of the downs.


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