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The Medicine Wheel – North Direction and Hummingbird Workshop.

5.ExtractionTHE SHAMANIC MEDICINE WHEEL (NORTH) Hummingbird Workshop with Ali Rabjohns and Marc Wood.As I move around the Medicine Wheel, we trust that all will be well. I have prepared my ground for re-birth through working with serpent and the south direction. I have dealt with enough of my shadow and projections with jaguar in the west and begun to move towards hummingbird.

North: The Way of the Hummingbird: Timelessness, honouring our ancestors and joy. 22 -23 April 2017.
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Magical hummingbird medicine

Marc Wood and I will be teaching the hummingbird (North) direction of the medicine wheel. It will be a powerful and rich weekend, full of practical exercises and tools that will help connect you fully to the archetype of hummingbird and embed new ways of bringing your highest destiny into your every day life.

The current group is now closed as we are moving into the Hummingbird direction in April , this means that students have already been part of the wheel for a year and completed South (Serpent) and Jaguar (West) directions, so they’ve done a lot of preparatory work on themselves for this and it wouldn’t be appropriate to expand the group at this point. However, we will be offering further taster days for the Medicine Wheel on Sat June 3rd 2017 or Sat 16th Sept 2017 in East Sussex (exact location to be confirmed). Please email me ali@lucidhealing.co.uk for more details.

Hummingbird Workshop Details:

In this workshop we will be asking ourselves the question ‘What is our soul’s essence?’. Hummingbird gives us the impetus to follow our dreams, propelling us into action. It gives us the force of action, combined with creative thinking we need to begin this epic journey.

It eventually brings us back to our source, where our spirit was created. Hummingbird helps us to drink deeply from the nectar of our lives, through honouring our ancestors and continuing to clean up our river.

How do we share our souls calling with the world and re-create our mythic map to reflect our highest destiny or potential?. We learn how to release old structures and roles that we may play out in our life through our male or female sides. These roles may have been passed down to us through our ancestors. When we create ceremony to help these patterns of behaviour release through us, then we create a space for magic to occur.

ali and marc MWThe Medicine Wheel Training

Held over four separate weekends over two years, the Medicine Wheel is an initiation process handed down from the High Andes and the Q’ero nation that helps us to honour ourselves, as well as our friends, our families and our communities with all the light available to us.

It is a beautiful and powerful journey around the four cardinal directions with the archetypes . This course honours our right as human beings to speak, write, hear and know the truth of our becoming. It will help us to see that death (or a transition) is an opportunity to grow on every level. This organising principle helps us to see clearly through the darkness to find our way step by step as we listen to ourselves and to our unseen guides. We will help you to set your intention to clear all limiting behaviours and self-beliefs that hold you back from walking with beauty.

The Medicine Wheel General Details:

The core tools we will be working with around the wheel will be: working as a circle, hucha (heaviness) release and calling in sami (light) to replace this, sand paintings, fire ceremony, shamanic journeying, experiential and creative exercises, dreaming our world into being, energetic tracking skills, a deep connection to Nature, Munay Ki rites, mini death rites.

You will create a medicine bundle or Mesa of stones that you will be able to use on your journey to discover your hidden treasure, your true self.

May you walk in beauty
For all our relations


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