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The Medicine Wheel : The Way of the South , Oct 25/26 2014 with Ali Rabjohns and Neil Brocklehurst.

Amazonian serpent entities include the Yakumama, mother of the water, Sachamama, mother of the jungle, and Huairamama, mother of the sky.  These entities are illustrated in the painting above by the artist and shaman Pablo Amaringo (inAyahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman, 1999, North Atlantic Books).
Amazonian serpent entities include the Yakumama, mother of the water, Sachamama, mother of the jungle, and Huairamama, mother of the sky. These entities are illustrated in the painting below by the artist and shaman Pablo Amaringo (in Ayahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman, 1999, North Atlantic Books).

In this workshop we work with the archetypal symbol Serpent, sometimes feared, sometimes revered in the contrary World of Men.

We explore Serpent’s essential female nature and beauty, her Earth-bound wisdom, her life-giving properties and the Medicine she offers us: Truth and Beauty.With her Medicine we dive into the depths of who we are, we are confronted with who, through the years, we have become and she teaches us the Way of Beauty through the constant practice of Letting Go. She shows us how to connect to our innocence, shedding our past and all the things we have clung onto the way that she sheds her skin: all in one piece. She thus shows us that life is an endless series of deaths and rebirths as we learn to come to terms and celebrate who we are and what we have right NOW, in this moment.
The way of the South is the first workshop in a series of four, where you will start building our Mesa’s or medicine bundles. If you already have one, don’t worry – you can use the khuya’s you already have or change a few of them if you wish. These workshops are intended to inspire you to weave a shamanic way of being into your daily life. You will learn different ceremonies that you can go on to practice at home or with others and you will be given tools that can help you to shift any blockage in your path. This is not a series of workshops that will teach you how to become a shamanic healer, what they will do is give you what you need to bring your own life into balance and heal yourself.
Day One: We will be looking at what needs to be let go of in our lives in order to come to a place of peace, innocence and beauty. Serpent helps us to shed our skin, as well as walk softly on the earth.
Day Two : This day will be a celebration and an exploration of who we truly are. After shedding our skin, we connect to our inner truth, to Mother Earth and open up towards a new beautiful, gentle path.
All workshops are experiential and contain a mixture of energetic practices taught by Ali and Neil, shamanic journeying, ceremonies and experiential exercises. Be prepared for a deep, magical adventure that is held in a safe container of loving support, allowing you to trust the mystery and beauty of this powerful work and open up to a new paradigm. A more detailed itinerary of what’s planned will be sent out to those interested nearer the time and there will be notes sent to each participant via email covering the most important aspects of the work we do together.
COST: £235: This also includes £50 deposit payable in advance. This includes all teaching on Saturday and Sunday. Some food is provided but we will ask you to bring something delicious to share for one meal.

FACILITATORS :  Ali Rabjohns and Neil Brocklehurst are experienced shamanic practitioners who have trained with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society and with Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado. They run regular workshops and healing sessions for groups and individuals. You can find out more about Neil at and Ali at

VENUE: Tin Tabernacle Hall, near Barcombe in Lewes, East Sussex.

To book your place please phone Ali on 07528 614 747 or contact her by email on
Both Simon and myself felt it was the best experience we have ever had, I think we both felt we connected with a type of energy and way of being that we had been seeking for such a long time. We both love nature and ritual and ceremony and were very moved by how simple but strong these were in your teachings this weekend. As I think we said to you, Neil and yourself are a powerful force and a really amazing combination for this kind of work, making it accessible to the uninitiated like ourselves and yet keeping that focus and magic and honouring the energy you both work with.
Sue and Simon Reason, Manchester 2012 
I attended a two-day course with Ali and Neil and it was amazing. I began it feeling quite unconfident and lost in my life, unsure of what I was doing and of myself. After two days of beautiful and powerful ceremonies I feel revived, more confident and more at peace in myself than I have for a while. They are caring, knowledgeable and thoughtful healers / guides and they gave themselves to the course as much as we did. As with these courses the more you put in the more you put out. I thoroughly recommend them.
Kirsty Torode, Brighton 2013.
I have attended many wonderful, experiential workshops in the last thirty years but this was something different and of a high nature. Although it is called a workshop I would describe it more in terms of a deep communion with something that resides within me, awaiting my call. This communion with my inner Serpent energy led me to perceive what I needed to ‘let go’ and what I needed to ’embrace’ if I wished to become more of my inner Truth and Beauty.
The most powerful for me was in creating my own sand painting, which changed and evolved with me over the weekend. We each made a Mesa, a medicine bundle filled with our khuyas, which are continuing to be imbued with love and healing. By the end of the weekend I received many insights and I knew what was holding me back. I gratefully let go because I was ready. It is almost a month since the course and I have received so many gifts in many forms, in shadow and light, from Sachamamma. I can unreservedly recommend these Medicine Wheel journeys if you are intent to let go and uncover your true self.
Pamela and Simon, Manchester 2012. 
The whole workshop was thoroughly and thoughtfully planned providing fun and challenges in equal measure. You both created an atmosphere that was supportive, safe and nurturing so that the personal challenges could be approached with confidence and openness. Your experience and deep knowledge of the tradition shone through giving all the work strength and integrity. A powerful experience in every way! Many thanks.
Debbie, Manchester 2013.





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