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Llamas with colourful headgear in Q'eros.

A Journey to Apu Umantay

Salkantay and Umantay Mountain  One of my personal favourite trips was traveling ten hours in a minibus to Apu Salkantay and Apu Umantay and climbing

Moving Mandala – Interview With Nancy Dancing Light, Part 1.

The Mandala Dance itself is where time and the timeless meet, where when we forget to be self-conscious and join the collective energy of the moment. With trained people, the Mandala Dance, which is a form of journeying, can bring a whole community to another level of awareness together. Nancy Dancing Light

A Pilgrimage to Q’eros

The Andean Cosmovision This trip to the High Andes of Peru, was the singular most powerful event that opened my heart wide, helping me to

A Shamanic Space Clearing Ceremony

A Shamanic Space Clearing – Further Explorations. Recently, a lovely lady rang about a local school that needed some shamanic space clearing. This was a

A Space Clearing Water Ceremony

New Moon Blessings. This powerful new moon is a time of new beginnings and pathways. As Alberto Villoldo said when I was training… it’s important

Sacred Space Meditation

Sacred Space Meditation. In my previous blog posts, I have talked about opening sacred space and various shamanic techniques we can use to stay sane

Munay Ki Rites

The Munay Ki I was given the Munay Ki rites and trained to pass them on by Pauline Black in 2008, who participated in the

Moving Mandala Shamanic Training

Lucid Healing Presents : Moving Mandala PROGRAMME FOR PEACE AND TRANSFORMATION  The Moving Mandala is a very powerful container for embracing both personal and community



Altar Work is an essential tool for our daily practice as a shaman to keep in ‘Ayni’ with the world. This is a Quechuan word for right relationship. An altar will help us to come back into balance with ourselves and to reach that deep point of stillness. An altar acts as a bridge between the worlds.

A Natural Hot Tub Ceremony

A Natural Hot Tub It was a beautiful summer’s evening, just perfect for lighting our natural hot tub in the garden. When we moved into

How is Shamanism Different?

  Shamanism, Why is it Different? I gain clarity and nourishment from what some people call ‘The invisible realms’. I often have a sense of

Celebrating Lammas

The Sun and Moon Festival How better to spend the ancient Lammas festival , the traditional first corn harvest, than at the Sun and Moon

Outside Altars

Above Installation by Owen Tuff and Ali Rabjohns, as part of an International Textiles Triennale 2013 at the Moonrain centre in Val Des Monts, Quebec.

Summer Solstice Celebration!

My Favourite Parts of Summer Solstice I love watching the sun rise and I’ve also been taking in the beautiful sunsets over the past weeks.

Beltain Celebrations!

A Beltain Ceremony For me, all of life is bursting with fertility and the power of it’s own potential at this time of year. I

Journey Into Blossom.

Welcome to the blossoming time of year! The bluebells and wild garlic are so wonderful at this time of year. This time around Easter helps

A Medicine Walk for the Soul

Breathing and Walking .. With such beautiful weather recently, it was time to dust off the walking boots and venture out into the wilds of

Sacred Water

Whether it’s sacred water in the form of springs, streams, the ocean, or the rainwater that falls gently on our lands, there are some indescribable

Sacred Space or Scared Space?

As a student of The Four Winds Training, Alberto came and talked to us about 2012. I remember he said that we would need to be

7 Tips for Community Building and Circles of Light.

There are more and more circles of light being formed these days : Dreaming circles, Drumming Circles, Sound Baths, Women’s Groups. Why not create your own or find a group that speaks to you close by?.

Creative, Shamanic Ceremony

‘Come out of the circle of time And into the circle of love’. Rumi Enjoying a simple and beautiful life .. A wonderful way of

Creative Shamanic Practice

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso How does creativity and shamanism weave together

photo of a hummingbird drinking nectar from a flower

Hummingbird Archetype – Shamanic Medicine.

Hummingbird Medicine Hummingbird energy is beautiful, magical, and loving, enabling a deep connection to our soul’s calling. Hummingbirds are called Siwar Q’enti in Quechuan. Traditionally,

Weaving shamanism and creativity.

When we use our creative talents and skills to create what we see on a shamanic journey, we are honouring the part of ourselves which needs to come back into balance.

Despacho Ceremony

AYNI DESPACHO   The despacho brings us back into right relationship with our world and with ourselves. Below: Don Augustine’s Despacho 2009. Photo: Ali Rabjohns.

The Power of Community – Dreaming Our World into Being.

There’s nothing quite like a fire or music to bring people together and as a shamanic practitioner, I often hold full moon ceremonies in the garden. They stoke the fires of people’s hearts through any hardship or suffering, as well as helping us to let go of a quality that we no longer need in our lives, or that may be holding us back.

Introducing Marc Wood…

It is an honour for me to introduce fellow  shamanic practitioner Marc Wood.  We have been part of a shamanic group for seven years and

Labyrinths for Creative Healing.

The labyrinth is an ancient universal symbol found all over the world and increasingly, labyrinths are emerging in communities as a sacred space for people. They are also used as a tool for problem solving, in personal relationships, for meditation purposes, or purely for enjoyment. They are amazing resources – they can work real magic by bringing worlds together and creating transformation.

Eagle – Dreaming our World into Being.

Sometimes, when we can only trust that the next step is for our highest good, then eagle can help us to have the vision to see our situation or re-birth through in a series of transitions. Eagle gives us the ultimate tool to let everything go.

The Wild Star Gathering

Come and join us in Stanmer Park to celebrate Lammas, an ancient tribal tradition. Wild Star Gathering is working towards unity, through creativity and reflection.

Shamanic Healing and Cancer

  The future depends on what we do in the present. – Mahatma Gandhi VJ came to me with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. As a


Ali explains her recent experiences in Labyrinths, including Chartres in France and All Saints church in Brighton.

What to expect in a session

All shamanic work is conducted in a very safe environment and is strictly private and confidential. During a session the client remains fully clothed .

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