Shamanic Practitioner and Arts Counsellor

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Ali Rabjohns

In the Inca tradition, these energy medicine practices have been handed down orally for over five thousand years. 

I have been trained as an energy practitioner of Andean Mystical tradition since 2008, with a lineage from the Q’ero nation in the High Andes. I hold a safe, nourishing, and sacred space for you to evaluate, blossom, and grow, manifesting your highest potential. I lovingly support you to reconnect to your body wisdom, helping you to transition onto an exciting new path. I can help you to bridge worlds, have the courage to dance between the mundane and the magical realms, and get up quickly if you fall.

I’m a teacher of this tradition and I run a Year long Mystical Path Training and offer regular Shamanic and Creative WorkshopsCeremonies, and Healing Sessions.

I work with clients 1:1 in my sustainable eco-lodge, as well as with young people in local schools. I’m an artist and enjoy working with natural colours and textiles including felt and weaving. I live and run my healing practice near Lewes, S.E England.

What is Shamanic Healing?

My mesa of khuyas is a medicine bundle that’s connected to energy transmissions from a long lineage of Inka medicine men and women. My healing practice moves and attunes energy to empower you to live your best life. I clear any blocks or stagnant energy, helping you to dream and embody your vision. I help you to release energetically what no longer serves you so that you can come into inner peace, strength, and a place of innate wisdom for your next steps. 

When you call in all the light available to you, you set your intention to allow your suppressed and heavier parts, the space they need to breathe, transform and grow. This connects you to the infinite possibilities available to you in this beautiful universe, whatever your heart yearns for.

The real value of the energy practices of the Andean Mystical Tradition is to help us live life consciously. These energy practices unlock our potential to grow into the fullness of our authenticity. This is what the choice of a spiritual path is all about, not just cultivating qualities that enhance well-being such as non-judgment, unconditional love, forgiveness, and patience. It’s also being conscious of every action, thought, feeling, emotional intention, intuition, dream, and vision.

As well as with Don Agustin Machacca Florez, I have also completed all three “paths” of the tradition with Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado and Joan Parisi Wilcox. In addition, I have received transmissions (karpays) with Elizabeth B Jenkins in Wales and trained with the Four Winds Society.

Energy Work: Healing Sessions, and Despacho

Healing is a process, it’s partly personal work and your willingness to go inside, working out what you need and setting your intention. Sometimes, you might need the compassionate support of a Paqo energy practitioner to help forge a safe therapeutic alliance and gently support you to courageously engage in a deeply therapeutic process. These sessions facilitate a neutral and non-judgemental space for your healing process to unfold. They can help you to get to the root of the issue, bringing your suffering to light. 

A 60-90 minute session (energy work) with Ali Rabjohns and what to expect. 

You are invited to choose a Khuya (a stone imbued with loving-kindness) from my mesa and we use this for breath and energy work. Please be aware that clients will generally have three sessions or more for deeper work together.

Tracking your energy (using my drum) helps to gain a very full picture of where you are on your journey. We make a plan together, once we see which interventions are needed.

Following this, I work primarily with the Poq’po around the physical body (like an energetic bubble). Heavy energies can accumulate over the course of our lifetime and interrupt the free flow of energy through the Ñawi’s (or energy centres). By clearing and transforming these heavy energies, the Poq’po can re-pattern the body and soul back to wellness.

Energy interventions can include some or all of the following: energy cleansing, soul work, ancestral work, shadow work, journeying, energy transmissions, and re-connection to the natural world. I work with the lineage, the unseen worlds, and the nature beings to facilitate and support your deep transition to holistic wellness. I may also give you soul work and resources between the sessions, helping you to integrate the energy healing you receive.

I currently charge £120 for a session that is up to two hours long, please click on the link above for more details.

Healing Sessions with Pampamesayoq Don Agustin Machacca Florez.

The Q’ero nation and my teachers have offered me a pathway of learning open to everyone. These beautiful human beings have taught me an infinite wisdom that can give us a sustainable way to live, respecting ‘all that is’ as something sacred in the natural world

My mentor is Pampamesayoq Don Agustin Machacca Florez. He is an earth keeper in the Q’ero tradition with a beautiful heart. He lives on Wamanlipa mountain in the village of Cocchamocho with his wife Benita and their family.

I was originally introduced to him via a friend in Cusco. Over ten years ago, Don Agustin invited me to stay for a week in his village, one day’s horse ride from the nearest main road. I now work with him online and organise retreats with him and his son Santos Machacca Apaza. I help the Q’ero community to make a living by offering their healing and weavings to my community.

Don Agustin offers healing on Zoom and charges £130 per session (per hour), please click on the button below to book.

Ali Rabjohns, Don Agustin and Don Santos in ceremonial clothing
Don Augustine and his son Don Santos
I was able to successfully reconnect to some essential aspects of my own energy, and I believe this will carry me forward to experiencing greater confidence and clarity, and a knowing that I now have all the resources I need.  Ali is extremely caring and supportive and I felt so safe during each of the treatments she provided, my own awareness seemed to unfold quite naturally. I found the whole experience hugely worthwhile and feel that the new contracts which have been agreed for me, are perfectly aligned.
Gabrielle Anya Rafello
Mentor and Writer

Shamanic Services


Ancestral Work

Often, there is something holding us back on our male or female line. Ancestral work is partly tracking the root of the block, which could be up to seven generations back.

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Healing and Clearing

Shamanic healing enables us to trace the root of a problem and change our affinity for the issue within our energy system.

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Soul Retrieval

Journeying into the underworld can help us to understand what’s holding us: repeating patterns of behaviour that don’t serve us, realising that something is missing from our life but not sure what it is.

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Space Clearing

Space clearing is an ancient art of releasing stagnant or heavy energy (Hucha) and calling the light into it’s place.


Despacho Ceremony

The despacho brings us back into right relationship with our world and with ourselves. This powerful ceremony helps us to move with grace into any life transition. This could be a relationship, moving house, our career, or family matters.

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Mystical Path Programme

This is a transformational, experiential, modern shamanic practice to help build awareness, a connection to the universe and a sense of wellbeing in everyday life.

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