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Taripaypacha Peru Pilgrimage 2024

Join us to visit the Sacred Valley, Andes Mountains & Mystical Temples. There will be opportunities to visit Macchu Pichu, Salkantay, and Ausengate, and make a pilgrimage to Don Agustin’s sacred mountain Waman Lipa.

Main Journey: August 2024 (dates to be confirmed).

This is a pilgrimage of a lifetime

“Pure love is in the will, alone, it is not sentimental love, for imagination has no heart in it. It loves if we may, so expressing it without feeling, as faith believes without seeing, abandons the demands of the self” 

Francoise Fenalong – 17th Century French Catholic Bishop.

Delve into the mysteries, places & portals few get to see & experience!

This is an authentic journey into the heart and beauty of the Andes landscapes, sacred sites, mystical wisdom, and indigenous traditions. We are weaving alchemy and energy medicine on this journey for your transformation.

In this pilgrimage, you will explore and develop a committed, daily spiritual practice through receiving seven energy transmissions called Karpay. These sacred rites are experienced through ceremony and will help you to gain perspective on your own spiritual path in life.

Daily teachings and talks about the Q’ero tradition will be given by Don Agustin Machacca Florez and Santos Machacca Apaza, in different locations around the Sacred Valley in the High Andes. Also supported by Ali Rabjohns an experienced practitioner of this tradition.

By the end of your time, you will have the confidence to face any life challenges ahead and a deeper insight into this authentic shamanic path. You will have plenty of time to deepen your connection with this divine Andean tradition and Mother Earth.

To keep an intimate feel to the retreat, there are only 10 spaces. 

Each of our stops will be potent portals of activation and learning through rich ceremonial work with the Ñ’usta’s and Apu’s. Our retreats include integration support, traditional Andean ceremonies, mesa (medicine bundle) building, energy healing sessions, and deep teachings from the Q’eros nation.

Retreat costs include food, lodging, and transport to the Sacred Valley sites. There will be extra trips organised to Q’eros and Macchu Pichu, which will be priced seperately. Otherwise, all costs for the main trip are included, except flights to Peru and optional purchases of artisanal goods and mesa cloths. To receive detailed info and to register, please click on the link below and send an email to tell us a bit about yourself, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Team:

Ali Rabjohns, Q’ero Pampamesayok Elder Don Agustin Machacca Florez, and his son Santos.

Join us in Peru!

I am honoured to invite you to spend time in the energy of a beautiful, highly respected, and powerful man. Don Agustin Machacca Florez is a Pampamesayok, paqo, healer, and a wizard of light but mostly his heart seems to hold endless Munay and respect for all living beings. Don Agustin started to walk the path of light in his early years, when his grandfather read in the coca leaves that this was his path.

He is aged 60 and has a permanent life in the village of Cochamocco, Q’eros with his wife and relatives. He travels from here to perform his work and spread his wisdom. His son Santos will join us as a translator, organiser, and chef. Santos is just finishing his training to be a Pampamesayok.

Pampamesayoks source their power and information from the land, working in reciprocity or ‘Ayni’. The medicine people within the Q’ero nation are known as “paqos,” which means “priest or mystic” in Quechuan, the language of the Inca. Being in the full presence of this ancient wisdom can forever change the way we perceive the world around us. It opens the infinite door into our Llankay (the power of service and body). Yachay (the power of mind, wisdom, and knowledge) and Munay (the power of Love, willpower, and emotions). 

The Seven Karpay

All these rites are seed transmissions of light and need tending with a daily Andean spiritual practice.

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