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Ali Rabjohns, Don Agustin and Don Santos in ceremonial clothing

As an experienced therapist, I’m still fascinated by each client’s authentic process and courage to welcome transformation, self-development and awareness.

Ali works with some incredible teachers in the Andean tradition and is proud to work alongside them when teaching. Here is some more information about who she works with:

Don Agustin

Q’ero Elder and Pampamesayoq Don Agustin Machacca Florez became a healer when he was 16 years old. He stayed all night in a cave on Wamanlipa mountain and built his mesa there. He made a haywariqui and then received the Pampamesayoq rite. 


This was a proper initiation, there were coca leaf readings to make sure that he was on the right track, as well as visions from Don Agustin and his Grandfather, who was an Altomesayoq. 


Some of Don Agustin’s khuya’s were passed down to him from his Father. He has a condor khuya that was passed down from spirit. Spirit decides which khuya’s are passed down through the lineage.

” When Agustin tells his stories the ancestors gather and use him as a clear channel for their words. I love this about him because even when we think we know what we are going to expect, we are always left with a wide-open heart at the end”.

(Ewa DeMahina, Karpay Retreat Facilitator in Sweden 2019).

Lineage For Don Agustin Machacca Florez

  • Don Agustin’s Grandfather: Altomesayoq Manuel Machacca Zamata
  • Don Agustin’s Father: Pampamesayoq Don Francisco Machacca Zamata
  • Don Agustin: Pampamesayoq Don Augustine Machacca Florez
  • Don Agustin’s Son: Pampamesayoq Santos Machacca Apaz
Don Agustin offers healing sessions and coca leaf readings online

Santos Machacca Florez

Don Agustin’s son Pampamesayoq Santos Machacca Apaza, also works closely with him. Santos is completing his training to be a Pampamesayoq and currently is the communication bridge between Q’eros and the Western world. Santos translates from Qechuan to Spanish or English.


The Mystical Path Training

We are very lucky to have the support and guidance of Don Agustin and his son Santos for the duration of the Mystical Path training. They will be working via Zoom at certain points to bring you special karpay or energy transmissions, connecting you to a pure lineage of Q’ero paqos or healers. Don Agustin and Santos will be offering the Kinsantin Karpay, the N’usta Karpay, plus Despacho and Mesa Workshops. These ceremonies and workshops can also be booked separately as stand-alone events.



Mesa cloths available

Mesa Cloths Available

Please Note Mesa Cloth, bells, and ties (Inti Watana): can be shipped for an additional cost of £250 plus postage. The package includes hand-woven masculine + feminine cloth from the Q’eros nation; two bells, and a sun tie. 

100% of funds received for mesa materials go directly to Q’ero weavers.

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