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Shamanic Healing Brighton

As a Shamanic Practitioner and an Arts Counsellor, I see clients as 1:1 or in small groups. I offer Creative Wellbeing classes and Forest Retreats around Brighton and Sussex. Call me for online session information on 07528 614747 or Send a message today. You can also view upcoming 2021 online spiritual courses.

Shamanic Workshops Brighton

What to expect in a session with Ali Rabjohns

All shamanic work is conducted in a very safe environment and is strictly private and confidential.

Please bear in mind the information below was written pre-covid, so some elements are different, or temporarily unavailable. Should you have any questions or clarifications don’t hesitate to reach out to me on 07528 614747 or via my Contact Form.

During a session the client remains fully clothed . The process involves a free 15 minute consultation where you are given the time to talk about the presenting problem, the process continues by placing you in a very  comfortable position – preferably lying down, where I will use two acupressure points at the back of your head (this is the only hands-on contact you will receive), to place you in a very relaxed and deepened state.

After the healing we will discuss with you any homework or lifestyle change that are necessary to support your healing process. The solutions are as creative as you want them to be, with sacred drama, sand paintings, fire ceremony. I  help my clients interact with nature in a way that is intimate, mutually supportive and therapeutic.  I have a close connection with Pachamamma – the great spiritual earth mother, with the Apus – the tall mountain peaks, the stars, the wind, the rivers and the trees.

One session can last for either one or two hours – details below:

It helps to be very clear about the issue that you would like to deal with even though this may change.
Here is an outline of the type of processes that I may use , I may use a combination of these, or none of these depending on what is called for in the moment. You can expect to feel lighter, clearer and more at ease with yourself after only one session. Healing will be instantaneous because we are working on the luminous energy field; the effect of it will take a little time to filter through to the physical body and the healing may be quite different to the way you imagined it to be.
Dealing with specific issues where patterns are stuck in the luminous field
Releasing, cleansing and re-balancing stuck energy through the chakras.
Tracking and removing energies that that live within your luminous energy field and affect your life in an adverse way (These energies may be from past wounds/past lives/present trauma)
Cutting ties and cleansing the luminous energy body
When the body has the ‘fight or flight’ locked on, we can use up huge amounts of energy staying on red alert, keeping us safe. This simple technique de-couples this mechanism and the body learns how to relax thoroughly. This is particularly helpful for people who feel stressed/burnt out!
Journeying into the underworld can help us to under-stand what’s holding us: repeating patterns of behaviour that don’t serve us,  realising that something is missing from our life but not sure what it is… we gain understanding and compassion from this process and enable ourselves to move on.
The ancient wise women used divination and spell casting!
Clients are empowered to step out of their old roles: the roles that society/family/generations has cast upon them.
Now we can create a new story that is in tune with our destiny, to step fully into the life that’s ours and that has always lived within us.
There are times in our lives when it’s helpful to have a rite of passage or a ritual. This allows us to call upon the Sacred Other to be witness to our intentions and empowers the changes that we want to make. Whether it’s moving from one stage of life to another, whether it’s loss, or celebration. The cycles of life and death and re-birth, live within in us.
When we offer our prayers to Spirit, we know that they will be answered. We simply have to get out of the way and watch it unfold!

Imbolc/ Winter Solstice / Spring Equinox

Imbolc is one of my favourite festivals, where we are celebrating the wheel of life turning again now, after the Winter Solstice.

The Imbolc festival also corresponds with the time of Candlemas, when the church would make their candles for the year ahead, sometimes using the old scraps of wax from the left over candles from the year before. To celebrate the light, since the 4th century (300s), special candles are lit during communion services that day and all the parish Church candles are blessed (set apart) to remind us of this day. The tradition grew and people brought their candles from home to be blessed so that now each time a candle is lit we remember the light of Christ coming into the world.

February 2nd is the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It was once called Cross Day because it was the day we cross from Winter to Spring.

I have fond memories of celebrating Candlemas in the Camphill community where I work. We dug holes in the earth and poured melted wax into the holes with a vertical and central wick, held fast with a stick resting over the hole at the top. We sang around this as a large group, lighting each candle to honour the earth stirring into Spring once more, connecting our hearts with the heart of Pachamama.

I love seeing the tips of the plants peeping out of the soil. There is a pure clarity of light in my garden now too, as the naked trees sway with the wind. The immense winter skies allow the stars and Milky Way to be fully seen and honoured. There are night walks through still and frosty fields, with the soft moonlight on my face. It often feels like this time will never arrive, that we will never be reborn into Spring with catkins and the snowdrops peeping through.

But it has and this special time of Imbolc reminds me of my connection to one of my favourite Goddesses, Brigid.

Brigid the Triple Goddess

For me, Brigid brings to me an uncompromising demand for the best I can give and a dose of healthy respect for her. I see her with great leadership capabilities. She also has integrity and is fiercely compassionate. Brigid is very loyal and gives me a sense that anything is possible, if I only dare to dream it. Some people see her as a Mother, some as a virgin – I guess this is why she is given Triple Goddess status.

‘Keeper of the Sacred Flame’ – what does this mean? For me, it means giving me the courage to keep striving towards my own truth and justice, through creativity. This is perhaps the key to her power; in combining these energies she is able to transform or overturn the magic of the Cailleach, the old woman of winter, to forge life anew and bring the Spring. She has a great connection to poetry, to forging and weaving.

Imbolc Festival – Things To Do

  • Cleanse and smudge your dwelling
  • Make an offering of corn to Brigid or a despacho ceremony for the earth.
  • Make a Spring Altar: Use something powerful to you that reflects the energy of the Spring and set up a shrine to Imbolc, using a water bowl and nightlights, or spring bulbs.
  • Find a flower or an opening bud on your daily walks.
  • Create a vision or manifestation board

Spring is the season of possibility. What does your heart yearn for?
What if you knew that your dreams come true?
What would you dare to imagine then?
Give your dream a chance to grow a new green shoot from these seeds of

Here is a beautiful poem by Debra Hall from the Earth Pathways Diary for this year.

She is not a mild, supernatural saint or winsome pre-Raphaelite maid.
She is not that, oh no she is not that.
Her visions are not la-la will-o-the-wisps
That evaporates like dew on morning cobwebs.
She has worked them in leather, baked them in her earth oven,
Pounded them on the rocks of the visions of her foremothers.
Seer, she has to be warrior to bring Spring through the doorway of Winter,
Imbolc sky still gelid cold, stinging winds, sheep on the hill.
Poet, she has to be warrior soul to pare back and bare the beauty
Of poems pulsating and raw.
Midwife, mender of the torn, she has to be warrior shield
Attuned to the danger of guiding baby from womb.

Brigid, holding a wild swan on her heart,
A lorica, breast plate. Not armour but prayer
To keep her soul open to the flow of creative grace
As she waits for the next thread of molten imagination,
To snake over the hill and strike her cave.

You can see that in my practice I weave several different traditions together. The Q’ero see the earth as a living being, Pachamama, who is conscious of everything happening on her body, and they see everything in the heavens as living beings that interact with each other.

They say that we also carry within us a seed of potential, (an Inka Muju), situated just behind our heart centre called our inca seed. The Andean Mystical tradition and the Celts connected their spiritual practices to the agricultural growing calendar.

My teacher Joan Parisi Wilcox says that there’s a phrase called the ‘Kawsay Wachu’. Wachu means the row that you would plough in a field, or a furrow that is ploughed in a field. It’s like there’s an amazing field of living energy and we are each like seeds that have been planted in this universe of living energy.

We are also learning to germinate, sprout and grow into the fullness of our being. We have an Inka seed inside of us, an Inka Muju, that’s part of our energetic anatomy. It’s our full potential as a human being that we can realise, as we perfect our consciousness, our awareness and our intention in Ayni or reciprocity. So we literally have a seed planted in the energy field of our bodies that we are going to germinate, grow and bloom.

We are human beings, walking through this universe of living energy. All of the Andean practices are geared to helping us to do that with the greatest amount of awareness, intention and in the most perfect ayni or reciprocity that we can.
This seed requires our continual care and attention in order to grow. We are all born with this seed that lives deep within us. This is a perfect time of year for fully nurturing this seed and preparing for our flowering (Phutuy) of the self. We are all flowers in the garden of Great Spirit.

8 Week Online Zoom Course (2021) Medicine Wheel

I spend time explaining different practices with nature beings or elements to help cleanse your energy body and nurture your Inca seed to grow in the yearly training that I offer. The intention is for us all to emerge as more harmonious beings, willing to live by our true nature.

How do I teach? I want to give you as much of an authentic experience of these amazing teachings as possible through online (recorded) Zoom calls, films, printed resources and individual support where necessary. I am a trained teacher, with a background in the arts and teaching craft.

Read more on my 8 Week Online Introductory Course, leading into the Medicine Wheel – you can contact me on 07528 614747 or via my Contact Form to enquire about booking dates and to reserve your slot for 2021.

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