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Shamanic Healing and Cancer

The future depends on what we do in the present. – Mahatma Gandhi

VJ came to me with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. As a shamanic healer, I don’t label any illness. I just see this as light or dark energy when I track  a clients Luminous Energy Field. The luminous energy field is held around the body and can also be called the aura in the western world.

Tracking is an essential energetic practice, usually executed in a slightly altered state by drumming or rattling through the four main archetypes. These represent the four different levels of awareness and are :

Amaru/serpent : Physical level, how are we surviving in the physical realm at this time?

Jaguar/Ottorongo: Emotional level, how are our boundaries? is there any heavy energy that needs mulching into the earth at this time in our lives? Are there any ancestral or karmic patterns that need releasing?

Humming bird/ Sera Kinti : Soul Level, what is our highest potential?. What are our talents and gifts for the world, where do we hold our light?.

Eagle, Apu Condor : Spirit level, are we on the right track?, are we fully in our power?. How do we fly with eagle these days?.

When I track, I will usually sense visually any heavy energy, attachments or patterns. Sometimes it’s like watching a film of the events that triggered the illness. We are all sensitive to the other realms, some of us are visual, some kinaesthetic and some auditory.

I am working with the following three Andean principles:




It has been an honour to witness and hold space for the healing journey that VJ  has courageously undertaken.In a year since her diagnosis, she has learnt to listen carefully to the messages from her body. Not only has she learnt how to listen but she’s also now working independently with symbology which appears in meditation, dreams and other synchronicities. These happenings are the universe trying to get our attention and VJ’s journey over the last year has caused her to undertake a wonderful transformation.

I have learnt as much from VJ, probably more in fact than she has learnt from me. I am grateful for all my clients and the lessons they bring me. Here is her testimonial.

Having been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, and wanting to address not just the symptoms but the deepest causes and triggers of this, I decided to try shamanic healing, which from the little I knew sounded as if it might provide deep and fast access to what was going on in me. The pancreas is a very ‘well-hidden‘ organ and I instinctively felt that I would find the causes of its trauma only in the most secretive/buried areas of my psyche. I needed something fast because the tumour had reached a terminal stage by the time it was diagnosed. I found Ali via websites, and chose her because I liked the structured way she described what she does. After several months working with her, I have found every session revealing and healing, and very joyful . She creates a wonderful ‘ listening and affirmation‘ space, and her instructions and comments are very clear . I ‘m using many different therapies including orthodox chemotherapy in my cancer treatment,so it’s not possible to attribute the gradual shrinking of my tumour that has occurred, to any particular one of them. However I am absolutely clear that the shamanic sessions have significantly removed or reduced underlying stress patterns, reintegrated personality aspects which have been in conflict for most of the 60-odd years of my existence, and made it possible to maintain mental and emotional balance through this strange and challenging period.

VJ – Brighton 2012

I wanted to also add the link below, which is a charity helping to signpost people to integrative care for cancer. They are a great organisation and really bridge a gap between mainstream cancer treatment and a more holistic approach.


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