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Sacred Exchange Exercise

lucid-healing-slider-sunshine-girlThis is  a simple exercise that will help you release any heaviness into the earth.

Sacred Exchange Exercise.

This is an easy and great way of releasing heavy energy. Here, we are practicing reciprocity, i.e. giving heavy energy in order to receive sami or light nectar. Please contact me of you would like help setting up a daily practice.

The process is as follows and is called Samichakui in Quechuan:

1.  Bring your attention to your energy field or aura.  Notice the quality of the energy .

2.  With intention, make an opening in the top of your energy field (like a trap door) and draw sami (light nectar) down into your energy field from the heavens, filling it with sami and letting it exit through the feet.

3. Whilst doing this, simultaneously intend any heavy energy (hucha) to be released into pachamama (Mother Earth), also through the feet.

4.  Be particularly aware of any perceptions (verbal, auditory, olfactory, visual, etc) that arise whilst doing this exercise and be ready to receive any messages that may come to you during or just after this process.

5.  Take in as much sami as you feel you need and before ending the exercise.

6.   Intend the opening at the top of your energy field to close.

This exercise can be done almost anywhere, at any time.  It is often combined with saywachaquy, which is described below.


Saywa means a column of living energy.  This exercise is about building a column of living energy where the energy is from the Earth, rather than the heavens. The exercise is done as follows:

1.  Perform saminchaquy (sacred exchange)and release any heavy energy to Pachamama (Mother Earth)  Once this is done, due to the law of ayni or reciprocity, we can ask to receive from Pachamama her finest energy.

2.  From the soles of the feet intend for small roots or cords of energy to exend into Pachamama.

3.  Intend sami from Pachamama to enter the soles of the feet through these roots or cords and allow this energy to climb up until the whole bubble/poqpo is filled with this energy.

As with saminchaquy, you can do this exercise almost anywhere at any time, but it always must be preceeded with saminchaquy.

Blessings, Ali

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