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Ali Rabjohns, Don Agustin and Don Santos in ceremonial clothing

Taripaypacha Peru Pilgrimage 2024

Thanks for showing interest in our visit to the Sacred Valley, Andes Mountains & Mystical Temples in 2024.

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Any follow up questions – please contact Ali.

There will be opportunities to visit Macchu Pichu, Salkantay, and Ausengate, and make a pilgrimage to Don Agustin’s sacred mountain Waman Lipa.

The Retreat came as a whole bundle of experiences, learning, companionship, and relaxation – a complete escape from everyday life. To have the chance to listen to, learn from, be in the presence of, and be healed by Don Augustine and Santos is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event and I feel so privileged to have been given, and taken up the opportunity. 

I have taken away a real sense of self, calm, and surety wherever I am next led. If this is a path that you want to explore further, have been interested in, or don’t yet really know much about but want to, then you will get everything you are looking for from this Retreat, and almost certainly a whole lot more

J. Wakefield (Taripaypacha Retreat 2022)

Our Team:

Ali Rabjohns, Q’ero Pampamesayoq Elder Don Agustin Machacca Florez, and his son Santos.

Join us in Peru!

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