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Develop a unique set of tools that will allow you to have the confidence to build a powerful community and advance your spiritual development. This is a wild, creative, programme for ourselves and Mother Earth.

The Moving Mandala can be danced anywhere on the earth.

The intention of this retreat will be to embody your true heart and trust.

During this powerful programme, participants will be held within the safe and creative space of the 12 point Mandala.

The programme is held in a beautiful, sustainably built Earthspirit Centre near Glastonbury, considered by many as the heart chakra of the earth.

The Moving Mandala can often be the missing piece to your own practice. This is also one step towards becoming a Moving Mandala Facilitator. You will develop the confidence to use this incredible set of tools in your own daily life, as well as feel welcomed into a reliable community of like-minded souls.

“When we are discouraged or fragmented by what we hear of the outside world, we can get separated and feel isolated or lonely. When we come into the community we have many alignments”.

Nancy Dancing Light

Moving Mandala dance

In sacred geometry, the 12 point star (sometimes called the Cosmic Gateway) is referred to as the infinite field of all Creation and is a very powerful tool for awakening and manifesting our creative life purpose. This is a superb opportunity to go within, connecting deeply to the earth, working with goddess archetypes, the chakras, and taking the time we need to listen to ourselves and Mother Earth.

This journey through the seven chakras helps our energy, processing fears efficiently.

Participants will receive 7 shamanic initiations corresponding to each of our 7 Chakras and related elements.


These shamanic initiations are offered through a selection of the following creative and therapeutic processes:
Shamanic journeys, drumming and song Altar work and sacred ceremony
Creative expression: dance, sacred drama, sounding and storytelling
Creative arts: painting, pastel, mask work and clay
Embodying archetypes

On the last day of the 8th Chakra ceremony, we will invite our community to witness as we dance in a 12 point Mandala star on the land with live drumming where possible. This will help us to connect to our sensuality, passion, joy, vitality, and fertility for the festival of the Autumn Equinox.
For more information see the event website

Moving Mandala Spiral by Ali Rabjohns


With experienced shamanic practitioners Sue-Claire Morris, Lorriiii Dragon Dream, and Ali Rabjohns. Assistants will be Jo Oliver and Marie Helene Dalila Boyle.

Loriiii Dragon Dream: Shamanic Practitioner, Sundoor Firewalk Trainer/Instructor, Moving Mandala Steward/Practitioner/Teacher, Body Centered Coach, Co-Owner of Traveller’s Joy ~ Tours with Spirit and Yoga teacher.
For more than 10 years Lori has been facilitating Intentional Shamanic Drum Circles dedicated to Ceremony, Intentional Drumming, Healing, and building Sacred Community. Studying and practicing shamanism since 2007 has led her on many adventures worldwide including to England, where she received her Teacher Training for The Moving Mandala. In 2020 Lorrriiii became the owner of the Moving Mandala Program..
“I feel so very honoured to steward the Moving Mandala ~ facilitating Moving Mandala Shamanic Retreats has been such powerful and rewarding work”.
For more information go to Loriiii Dragon Dream’s website

Ali Rabjohns: Moving Mandala Practitioner/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Therapeutic Arts Facilitator (MBACP). Ali’s lineage comes from the Q’ero Nation in the High Andes and has been initiated as a fourth-level healer in the Andean mystical tradition. She runs a shamanic training leading to practitioner status and sees clients 1:1. For more info please visit Ali’s website  or contact: for more details.

Sue-Claire Morris has a background in Theatre and Dance. She then trained as a Counsellor and Dance Movement Psychotherapist. Since training with Nancy Dancing Light in 2007, Sue-Claire has facilitated the Moving Mandala in England and Canada with various teachers.
Currently, Sue-Claire is a Supervisor and runs “Alchemy” an ongoing support group for women in transition with Menopause.
For more information go to Sue-Claire’s website

For more information about Marie Helene Dalila Boyle’s practice, please go to her website

Space is limited and preregistration is required, so if this calls to you please contact us soon.


”The Moving Mandala programme is a holistic approach to shamanic practice that can involve creativity”
Nancy Dancing Light

” I loved the experience of wisdom in the group and the acceptance or space for individuality. Thank you for creating so much beauty, the space is amazing!”
Participant 2018

“I loved the community wisdom, the reciprocity and balance. A greater sense of personal power has emerged from my shamanic journey”
Participant 2018


First Earlybird before 31st June is £550

Second Earlybird £575 until 31st July.
Third Earlybird £595.