Shamanic Practitioner and Arts Counsellor

Day of Unity

 Tuesday 20 March was a special day. It was labelled the International day of Unity, with many labyrinths being created all over the world. Earthkeepers created their own shamanic ceremony and labyrinth for those interested on Cissbury Hill. We drummed as the sun went down, a perfect antidote to stressful lives. The banners were made for another purpose , but in fact I realised their real place was amongst the trees to symbolise infinity.

There was an incredible amount of energy in the centre of the labyrinth and a fast flow as you walked around the path into the centre. I almost danced all the way out again!

These photos were taken by  Graeme Telford , a local photographer and we planted our seeds for the year yet again.

Spring blessings,


Walking the Labyrinth on Cissbury Hill

The oak tree at twilight

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