Shamanic Practitioner and Arts Counsellor

I am currently fascinated with labyrinths. A single spiralling path that leads to a central area. You walk the same path back out returning to the beginning. The labyrinth is often referred to as an archetypal image as it emerged in different cultures 4000 years ago and is thought of as a mirror or metaphor for the spiritual journey and the evolutionary spiral of life.
This year I visited Chartres, where there is a 12th century labyrinth in the centre of the cathedral. An immense energy flows right through the centre of a six petal rose, each petal refers to a quality of love needed. Service, surrender, forgiveness, faith, overcoming and abundance. Standing in the centre of this labyrinth is pure bliss, I thoroughly recommend going.
There’s a book by Kathleen Mcgowan which explains the labyrinth and the Magdalene line. It’s called ‘The Source of Miracles, Seven steps to transforming your life through the Lord’s prayer’.

I have also walked the All Saint’s Labyrinth as part of the Brighton Arts Festival in May, during a Vision Quest and a shamanic retreat this summer. Each time I walk to the centre it’s timeless and unique. Someone may be drumming or it could be silent, I always make sure I have an intention or question. As I walk to the centre I release and let go of what I no longer need.

At the centre is a place of meditation and prayer, a place to be open, to listen and sense what needs or wants emerge within me or within the issue I’m reflecting upon.

Whilst walking back I crystallise the idea and return renewed and empowered. The return path embodies this new way of being.

There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth, I hope I’ve inspired you to try it !

‘As you start on the way, the way appears’ Rumi


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