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Hummingbird, Ceremony and Shamanic Healing

a hummingbird drinking nectar from a flowerAncestral Wisdom

This is a living energy archetype close to my heart. Hummingbird is a bridge to our creative potential. It connects us to the Northern direction of the medicine wheel in the Q’ero tradition. This organising principle helps us to release old patterns of behaviour in our lives, including roles we play out that could have been passed down by our ancestors.

The true WISDOM of Hummingbird comes from a deep connection with the natural world and with the ANCESTORS. When we honour these ancient ones for their wise teachings, they stand among us. They watch our backs, supporting, protect and willing us to step forwards, standing on our own two feet.

Hummingbird Ceremony

When working as a shaman, I visualise a joyous, creative solution for my clients highest good. I track with hummingbird to see the highest soul light they potentially hold. This helps me to see if they are suffering soul loss and how close they are to really following their dreams. I encourage clients to invoke hummingbird when they are embarking on an epic life journey.

Working with an Altar.

bright blue butterfly sitting on a tropical green leafNorth Direction: Sere Kinti – Royal Hummingbird Altar.

This process helps me to step out of time. North is a good direction for honouring your lineage. It also helps me to developing a relationship with my heritage and my ancestors. If you want to call in more creativity, inspiration, love, fun and nectar into your life then feel free to ask hummingbird to help you do that. If you want help with being more present, then this is the right direction for you.

Above: In the UK, the iridescant wings of butterfly have an affinity with hummingbird medicine.

North is connected to air, communication, and timelessness and following our soul’s calling across thousands of miles. This would also be where you can get advice about developing your talents and skills.

Use a drumming C.D or drum in order to identify and name all the roles that you have held or hold in your lifetime. Go back to the moment you took them on and acknowledge how this still holds you in a particular way of being (and doing) and then let them go. Letting them go could be just writing the roles onto scraps of paper and then burning them in a sacred fire. It could also mean invoking hummingbird to blow your love and gratitude for these parts of you and their teachings, before letting them go to fly on to greater heights.

Materials: Archetype stones: Humming Bird, Khuyas (stones imbued with your love and compassion or connection with your ancestors), feathers, iridescent materials that represent Hummingbird.

May you walk in beauty.

For all our relations

Ali Rabjohns

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