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Flowering Like a Paqo Course


This is a beautiful and powerful journey to develop our highest authentic potential as human beings. The Q’ero believe that our individual responsibility is to develop and grow our Inca seed, through a mystical and natural connection with the universe.

In this highly interactive course, you will be taught how to “journey”, create ceremony, and learn the fundamental tools that will help you to develop a daily shamanic practice. These include energy exercises, creating an altar, creating a sand painting amongst others. The tutorials will encourage an awareness of the unseen worlds that are all around us and give you newfound confidence to face daily difficulties.

This introduction honours our right to experience the truth of our becoming and begin developing the skills needed to become a Paqo. A Paqo is a medicine man or woman in this tradition.

Inca seed (Inca Mujllu)

You have an energetic seed within you, the Inca Seed, (close to your heart) which contains your fullest potential.

When you grow your Inca Seed not only can you realise who you are (exactly as you are) at the current time, but you can also perceive your highest potential — that of an enlightened being.

Everything you need to manifest this potential lives within you. The energy practices in this course will unlock this potential and allow you to grow into the fullness of your individual being in a short time.

Ali created this course, so that she could pass on the gift of transformation to you, through balance and reciprocity (Ayni).

You will be learning straight forward Andean Energy practices, that help you to know where you are on our journey and to be aware of any changes that you need to make, to clear your energy field.

The real value of the practices of Andean Mystical Tradition is to help us live life consciously. This is what the choice of a spiritual path is all about, not just cultivating qualities that enhance well-being such as non-judgment, unconditional love, forgiveness, and patience.

It’s also being conscious of every action, thought, feeling, emotional intention, intuition, dream, and vision. It’s about bridging worlds, not being immersed in either the mundane or the magical.

It’s about having the courage to dance between both and to get up quickly when we fall, with loving support from our mentors.

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Become a part of our Ayllu (Tribe)!

Ali has been trained as a Shamanic Practitioner of Andean energy medicine since 2008 with a lineage from the Q’ero nation in the High Andes and a teacher of this tradition.

Ali runs a Paqo Training Programme and offers regular Shamanic Workshops, ceremonies and one to one healing sessions.

Ali’s current mentor is Pampamesayoq Don Augustine. She trained with the Four Winds society and has completed all three “paths” of the tradition with Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado and Joan Parisi Wilcox. In addition, She has received transmissions (karpays) with Elizabeth B Jenkins in Wales.

Ali also trained as a Transpersonal Arts Counsellor at Tobias School of Therapeutic Arts in East Grinstead. She has worked in private practice since 2018 and is BACP registered.

The format of the course is a mixture of tutorial films and PDF’s. Additionally, there’s a private Facebook Group where all the students from the course can connect and exchange experiences – which will give you access to a powerful peer community. You will also have an hour of Ali’s time per week in the form of a weekly Zoom call where you can ask questions and ask for guidance, if needed.

There is an opportunity to move onto the full Paqo training The Mystical Path, where you can build your mesa and become a practitioner after completing this course. 

For payment details and terms and conditions, please contact Ali: enquiries@alirabjohns.com.