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july, 2022

25jul(jul 25)6:00 pm03aug(aug 3)9:00 amFeaturedTaripaypacha Karpay RetreatIn this ten-day retreat, you will explore and develop a committed, daily spiritual practice through receiving seven energy transmissions called Karpay.

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25th July-3rd August 2022
In this ten-day retreat, you will explore and develop a committed, daily spiritual practice through receiving seven energy transmissions called Karpay. These sacred rites are experienced through ceremony and will help you to gain perspective on your own sacred path in life. Daily teachings and talks about the Q’ero tradition will be given by the highly respected Q’ero Shaman Don Augustine Machacca Florez and Santos Machacca, in a magical retreat centre near Mayfield, East Sussex. By the end of your time, you will have the confidence to face any life challenges ahead and a deeper insight into this authentic shamanic path. You will have plenty of time to deepen your connection with this divine Andean tradition and Mother Earth.
To keep an intimate feel to the retreat, there are only 14 spaces.
With Pampamesayok Don Augustine Machacca Florez and Santos Machacca Apaza, a paqo from the High Andes, Peru. Also supported by Ali Rabjohns and Ewa Demahina, both practitioners from this tradition.
7 Karpays or initiation rites, deeply heartfelt transmissions of energetic consciousness will be offered around beautiful Avalon, Somerset. This time of emerging consciousness allows us to fully heal ourselves and share that gift with others.
Pampamesayoks source their power and information from the land. The medicine people within the Q’ero nation are known as “paqos,” which means “priest or mystic” in Quechuan, the language of the Inca. Being in the full presence of this ancient wisdom can forever change the way we perceive the world around us. It opens the infinite door into our Llankay (the power of service and body). Yachay (the power of mind, wisdom, and knowledge) and Munay (the power of Love, our willpower, and emotions).
These Karpays are steeped with wisdom and are a wonderful experiential way to embody the secrets of the Andean mystical spiritual path first hand. The retreat will be facilitated by my teacher Pampamesayok Don Augustine and Paqo Santos Machacca Apaza, from the High Andes, Peru.
The seven Karpays are energy transmissions of the highest order, helping us to prepare for the ‘Return of the Inca’. A beautiful and powerful inner alignment and healing process, that helps our human consciousness to blossom into enlightenment. This is known as the Taripaypacha, a period meaning ‘The Golden Age of Human Re-union’.
Dates: July 25th – August 3rd 2022 at the prestigious award-winning Fair Oak Farm, near Mayfield, East Sussex.
Here there are great facilities, which include a sauna and beautiful countryside walks locally.
Early bird offers are available now.
For more Info and an itinerary:
07528 614747/ enquiries@alirabjohns.com
Testimonials for the Karpay retreat 2019 in Sweden.
I Joined TariPayPacha in Sweden in 2019. It is hard to describe this experience in words. I will try.
Sitting with Don Augustine and Santos.. listening and learning in-depth the history of the Inca and Pre- Inca times was both heart-opening and gave a real insight into their lives. Their songs.. their weavings that are directly connected to Life and other dimensions.
Don Augustine is a powerful healer and so is Ewa in her own right. Between them, my soul was cleansed and put back together.
Receiving the Karpay’s was beyond my words right now but I feel them. I feel taller stronger… I have a deeper understanding, love, and gratitude for all I am learning and living.
Don Augustine, Santos, Ewa and Nadjia. Thank you all so much for this life-changing retreat
ST, E. Sussex 2019.
I am grateful for the path I walk. I am grateful for the healing that I am blessed to receive. I am grateful for the old wisdom and light that has been held and carried and is now being shared by the Q’ero people of the Andes. The world needs this medicine to help us remember what it can mean to be human. Thank you Thank you Thank you
AB, Sweden 2019.
Itinerary 25th July – 3rd August, Fair Oak Farm,  Witherenden Road,  Mayfield,  East Sussex, England, UK TN20 6RS
25th July – Arrive at 6 pm, Dinner and introductory talk with Don Augustine and Santos.
During this week Don Augustine and Santos will also be open to performing; Individual Healings clearing physical, emotional conditions as well as personal readings.
We have use of a sauna.
26th July – Sharing circle, morning teachings with Don Augustine and Santos.
Despacho Ceremony in the morning
First Karpay in the afternoon, fire and talk in the evening.
These Karpay were given to Don Augustine by his Grandfather Don Francisco Machacca Zamata.
Before we receive each Karpay, Don Augustine gives an explanation of each one. This is a beautiful way to “fall” even deeper into the Andean energy shifts and understanding with our hearts. Within Augustin’s tradition, there are twelve Karpays, we will receive seven, and the other five are reserved for the indigenous Q’ero.
The first Karpay is The Pampomesayoq (The Earthkeepers’ Rite). You will receive the full transmission and connection with Pachamama. The intent is to open up for the ability to perform healing work on living things; people, animals, and the Earth. We will go through the different offerings we can do for Pachamama.
Welcoming Despacho – where we also set the intentions and outcome for this week of ours.
A brief explanation about the seven Karpays (this is a transmission or interchange of energy) we will receive during this week (more will be explained before each karpay).
The History of Q’eros – How Don Augustine became a Paqo, his family history, and how Santos is now being trained in the family thread.
History and how the Despacho is and has been used in the Q’ero tradition. A Despacho is a prayer bundle or offering it’s used for a wide variety of occasions – births, deaths, as an expression of gratitude, to heal physical and emotional ailments, to restore balance and harmony, or when there is a specific request of the spirit world. We will understand what each item represents and how to feel creative in performing one for ourselves.
Mesa, a prayer bundle, your personal “altar”, containing various power objects and stones used for moving energy in service of healing. The mesa is one of the main tools in the Andean healing tradition.
27th July 10.30 am – Sharing circle, morning teachings with Don Augustine and Santos.
After Lunch : Killa Karpay
Evening: Healings available with Don Augustine and Santos, free time, also Sauna available
The Killa Karpay; The Moon and also calling in the Chaska (stars). Calling in the four directions; East = ccollasuyo the Apus, mountains, the condors. North= anti suyo, where the hummingbird resides, the Moon, our heart, and our emotions. West= Conti suyo, where the puma resides. South = Chincha suyo, calling in the serpent as in the path of the underworld, Pachamama.
28th July 10.30 am – Sharing circle, morning teachings with Don Augustine and Santos.
After Lunch: Ayni Karpay
Evening: Healings available with Don Augustine and Santos, free time, also Sauna available
The Ayni karpay; Ayni is a form of private reciprocity, exchange when someone calls for help and will repay by doing similar work. This also implies to Pachamama, if she assists us, we will assist her and give her what she needs. When we call upon Spirit, people, animals, etc for the support we will also balance this support with “giving” Ayni, with offerings and prayers.
29th July 10.30 am – Sharing circle, morning teachings with Don Augustine and Santos.
After Lunch: Altomesayoq Karpay
Evening: Healings available with Don Augustine and Santos.
The Altomesayoq karpay; a High-level healers rite; Means being “Hit by Lightning”. It is the highest level of connection with the Spirit / Wiraccocha, Apus – the mountain Spirits, with all the elements, it is the psychic level of a Paqo. You will seek contact with your “personal” mountain which teachings will go through you. Here the work is focused on energy and working with the Mesa.
30th July – Free Day to explore the surrounding area.
31st July – 10.30 am – Sharing circle, morning teachings with Don Augustine and Santos.
After Lunch : Feminine N’usta Karpay
Evening: Healings available with Don Augustine and Santos.
The N’usta karpay; where the day will circle around our feminine energy, we will talk and receive a Female rite; the womb rite. Receive the feminine spirit and the representing spirit of a feminine mountain. Calling back our ancestral feminine bloodlines. Each mountain has a N’usta. It is a very hearty karpay that “pushes” us to move our heart’s energy forward and expand.
1st August- 10.30 am – Sharing circle, morning teachings with Don Augustine and Santos.
After Lunch: Taytanchis Karpay
Evening: Healings available with Don Augustine and Santos and free time.
The Taytanchis Karpay; The transmission of the Wiraccocha “the creator of all things”, father Sun, and Pacha Mama. This is the calling where the paqo is using their hands to give forth the energy. For instance, after a despacho is created you always get blessed on the head, shoulders, heart, stomach, feet and also receive this transmission to deepen your contact with the despacho and your prayers.
2nd August – 10.30 am – Sharing circle, morning teachings with Don Augustine and Santos.
After Lunch : Kuraq Akulleq Karpay
Evening: Bonfire and final celebration
The Kuraq Akulleq; If Lightning didn’t strike you (Altomesayoq) but you still have the calling to become a Paqo, you might have been chosen to be a Kuraq Akulleq. This is deeply connected to the ancestral people (the forefathers and mothers) as well as the Apus and Pacha Mama, and through them, while chewing coca leaves (instead of doing a reading) the Kuraq Akulleq opened themselves up to receive the information sought for.
3rd August – 9.30 am – Home.
Personal Investment :
£350 non-refundable deposit to secure your place.
The following prices include the deposit.
Until June 1st, 2022 – £1450
Until July 1st, 2022 – £1550
This retreat was a dynamic, powerful, and penetrating experience. Each day included a Karpay/Initiation which opened my heart and mind to a whole different level of consciousness and brought me back into the essential experience of being.
I was plunged to the depths of my body and soul and then elevated to the higher realms of the cosmos. At one time I felt I was caught in the emotional backwash and riptides of the ocean – pain, sadness, and grief erupted from every cell of my body to be released and washed away. Everything felt shiny and new – smells, taste, and moving my body was at first strange, then I realised how disconnected I had been. I was finally at one with myself and united with the energetic Multiverse.
We had the privilege of meeting Don Augustine and his son Santos who are Q’eros from the Andes near Cusco Peru. Don Augustine is a master working with living energies. His power, knowledge, and wisdom shine through his twinkling eyes and his spontaneous laughter. During the 8 days, Don Augustine offered personal healings which had a deep and profound effect.
I feel very lucky and humbled to have had the opportunity to meet one of the last Q’ero elders to be working in this way. This practice is alive, grounded, and very real.
Brightest Blessings
SL, E. Sussex
For me, it was fantastic magic to meet the Andean spiritual tradition. It feels like I’ve found a home, found what I’ve been looking for. So grateful and happy about the initiations. I feel their energies spin in my body. I feel even more at peace of mind and body. The condor (white) is with me and gives me an even greater understanding of my task in this life. I see even more clearly. Have even more understanding in the heart. All knowledge needs to be integrated into my heart, in order to be integrated into life. I feel the connection with Peru, Augustin & Santos & the twelve mountains in my heart. I connect with love and the energy flows. The relationship with my mesa has deepened considerably. We’re talking.
J – Sweden 2019.


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July 25 (Monday) 6:00 pm - August 3 (Wednesday) 9:00 am

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