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Eagle – Dreaming our World into Being.

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Welcome to stillness, sacredness and a time of majestic dreaming !

Sometimes, when we can only trust that the next step is for our highest good, then eagle can help us to have the vision to see our situation or re-birth through in a series of transitions. Eagle gives us the ultimate tool to let everything go. All our struggles and difficulties seem to shift when we rise up with the majesty of eagle’s wings and look at it all with a different perspective. Eagle energy can help us to take an issue up to the highest mountains , in order to shift it at the level of source. It an also help us to let everything go, in order to step fully into our highest destiny


Having journeyed through the North with our ancestral and karmic issues,the East direction of the medicine wheel helps us to see the archetypal and core behaviour patterns of our lives. These patterns may hold us back , eagle helps us to look at them from a distance with the coldness and clarity of a bird’s eye vision. Eagle also helps us to look at the minute detail of a difficult situation energetically, unravelling and dissecting the root of it.

Eagle is  about our connection with the heart on a deeply spiritual level. We can understand our sacred contracts with other soul mates from this perspective for example, even when in the physical realms what’s happening cannot be explained.

Eagle has helped me to step back and allow events to unfold for my highest good. He/she reminds me that when I start to desire an outcome or try to manipulate a situation for my own benefit, (rather than for the good of the whole), then I immediately go into a tail spin. I lose the experience of that calm collected flight among the airstream of the mountains I can only dream of. This exquisite energy can help us to dream a world into being that has no ripples or effects that will boomerang back to us in the future.


Medicine Wheel : East Direction, 22 and 23 March 2014.

Neil and I will be continuing our journey around the medicine wheel where we will be flying with eagle as visionaries and seers towards our highest destiny. This will be at Abney Hall near Manchester.

If you can’t make our workshop, then I encourage you to call eagle medicine into your life and spend some time to sit in stillness in order to see the core patterns holding you back from a distance. Take time to open sacred space, calling on eagle to help you dream a world into being for yourself and your childrens children for your highest good. Ceremony, journeying with eagle,manifestation boards, vision boards and dream catchers are all part of the wonderful, expansive and heart centred world of eagle medicine !.

Workshop Summary : Death and Rebirth

The journey East symbolises endings and new beginnings: something has to die before something new can emerge. So we will focus on death and rebirth on the Saturday. To do this safely and effectively we call on Eagle who connects us with Great Spirit and carries us in her/his wings whilst we die to a part of ourselves, before birthing something quite new.

Dreaming in a new world

The work we will do on the Saturday will prepare us well for the other major element of East work and Eagle medicine: envisioning and dreaming in a new world. So we invite you now to give yourself permission to dream big, to dream courageously, so when we come together we can make the most of the opportunities Eagle will most certainly provide for us as we reach the end of this Medicine Wheel and the beginning of something quite new.

Cost of this workshop is £150 per person . Please contact Neil for more details – n.brocklehurst@yahoo.co.uk or Ali at ali@lucidhealing.co.uk

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