Shamanic Practitioner and Arts Counsellor

Sacred Marriage and The Andean Mystic Tradition

Neil Brocklehurst and Ali Rabjohns present

A Residential Weekend Workshop At Whaley Hall, Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire 23rd to 24th June 2012

 Inka Prophecy

The Inka prophecies speak about six men and six women coming together at this time in history to herald a radically new era some call a “Golden Age”. Step with us into an unprecedented opportunity to move away from old and dying structures, rules and institutions and emerge into a new relationship between men and women.

      Aims of the Workshop

This workshop will explore in detail the underlying cosmology and Inka prophecies of this beautiful and rich spiritual tradition from the South American Andes. What does it mean for us here in the West? we will explore this through sacred drama, movement, art and ceremony how these ancient traditions can help us make a radical shift into a new way of men and women co-existing together.

      About the Workshop Facilitators

Neil Brocklehurst and Ali Rabjohns are experienced practitioners of Andean Energy Medicine, training with the Four Winds Society and Alberto Villoldo.  They are also initiated into the 4thlevel of the Inka mystical tradition under the tutelage of Professor Emeritus and Mystic Juan Nuñez del Prado, Cusco, Peru and his son Ivan.  They’ve both spent time in Peru working with a range of medicine men and women, participating in Amazonian medicine plant ceremonies and in Inka ceremonies in the High Andes. Neil has a background in public and mental health practice within the NHS and Ali is an accomplished artist, healer and teacher.  Both work with a variety of clients and groups using their shamanic and Andean knowledge.

Costs and how to book

Total £220, (early bird offer – £200) – this includes one night’s accommodation and all meals from lunchtime Saturday to lunchtime Sunday.  A further night’s stay on Friday 22nd is possible at extra cost.

N.B Please note that course fees must be paid in full in advance.

Please contact Neil Brocklehurst at for further information and to book your place.

Workshop Overview

Please contact Neil if you would like more detailed information about the workshop or the theories behind it.

  • Friday 22nd June (optional):  5.30 pm onwards,

For those wishing to register and acclimatize to the beautiful surroundings of the Peak District. There will be an evening meal and introductory talk on the Inka path and the “Golden Age”.  According to the Andean traditions we have been experiencing a major transition since 1993 they call the “Taripaypacha” or the time of meeting ourselves again.

  • Saturday 23rd June: Registration at 9.30am to start at 10 am til early evening.

We start with an Andean ceremony called a “Despacho”.  This event is a core part of the ancient and modern Inka healing practice .We will hold a fire ceremony to burn the despacho.

We will explore the Andean cosmological understanding of the Universe and the centrality of a mystical union between the sacred masculine and feminine.

Finally, we will create sacred ceremony, to gain a visceral and energetic understanding of the totality of the Inka cosmological map and create Ayni – the Inka law of reciprocity.

  • Sunday 24th June (early morning until after lunch)

Guided morning meditation (optional), fire breathing and breakfast We will focus on the sacred masculine using universal archetypes in order to honour and understand one half of the mystical couple. We will also focus on the Sacred Feminine and explore this through Pullkyu (Sacred play). We will weave all these elements together via a series of sacred Inka-inspired ceremonies and creative processes for a powerful enactment of the mystical union between the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine.  We will use the talents of the group to ensure we remain open to something radically new and we will look for clear signs of how the Mystical Union is likely to unfold as we enter the final stages of the “re-birth” and “return” of the Inka.

We will gather for a final time for a special Andean closing ceremony as we each set off on our individual and collective mystical journeys back to our loved ones, work and homes.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you there. 

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