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Winter Solstice Blessings 2013

Birth of the Soul by Iris SullivanThe darkest midnight,

The earth shall be light,

and shall gleam like a star.


  Image : Birth of the Soul by Iris Sullivan – As many of you know, we’re now experiencing the longest night of the year, waiting for our Sun King (derived from our ancient Celtic roots) to return at dawn tomorrow for the Winter Solstice around 5.11pm. At this point the balance has tipped as far towards the darkness as it can go. We are so ready for the light to return and we must do all we can to help it. This time of year was sacred long before the birth of Christ. The early church chose it for one of their most important holidays. During this season, ceremony can be focussed on strengthening our inner light. On solstice night many pagans stay up all night to help Mother Earth give birth to the sun and the new year from her night-sky womb. If you can’t stay awake all night, then ask for special dreams as you fall asleep in the womb of the Mother. The rising of the Sun King brings all our hopes,wishes and dreams for the New Year with him. With these new beginnings we can trust that even when life seems hard, change will come and we can rest in order to be renewed again.

What projects, ideas and new seeds will help you express your true potential on this earth?

Tomorrow morning I’m planning to watch the sunrise from our local highest point. Tomorrow evening I will create a spiral of evergreens for people to journey into it’s centre and light a candle from the ‘sun’, placing their candles anywhere along the spiral to create a spiral of lights. The spiral represents everlasting life and lighting our own core essence from that of the Sun King, who’s energy helps us to bring projects and ideas into action.

Stonehenge sunrise 2013

I want to wish my friends,family and clients a beautiful  Winter Solstice. Thank you for your guidance, your lessons and reminding me to take time out for the important things in life. For simple re-connection through my heart with laughter, inspiration and wonder at the earth’s beauty .

With thanks to Glennie Kindred and her book  ’Sacred Celebrations’ and Starhawk,Diane Baker, Anne Hill for their brilliant resource ‘Circle Round’.

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