Shamanic Practitioner and Arts Counsellor

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamans differentiate between healing and curing. Western medicine cures, we heal. We all know people who have received medical

cures but have not been healed; their tissues may be removed or medication taken,

but they have not changed their lifestyles, their diets, and their relationships. In our experience, cures seldom ever result in a healing, but healing almost always results in a cure. Energy medicine practices set the immune system free to function optimally and bring about healing. When you unblock the immune system, physical healing happens naturally. When you unblock the chakra system, emotional healing accelerates. and we can return to a state of balance.

Shamanic healing is a wonderfully effective form of healing where we can trace the root of the problem and change the affinity for the issue within our energy system.This, in turn, frees us from old binding thought patterns and behaviours and connects us to the infinite possibilities available to us.

You have an energy body as well as a physical body. Your energy body contains information that programmes health or disease in your physical body and mind. This information comes from your family history or life experiences, even past life experiences. You need healing when life seems a struggle.

My Mesa of stones, my medicine bundle, contain my own wounds, the healed wounds, the memory of the stories that once lived within me, they have been through rites that connect them to my teacher, Dr. Alberto Villoldo and his teacher, through the Inca medicine peoples and through five thousand years before that. I  now uses my Mesa for the healing of  my clients.

The shaman works with her highest heart energies, creating a safe space for deep inner work if needs be. She keeps the path clear, remaining disengaged and in a place of stillness.  She works with the client’s highest potential in mind, steering clear of illusions and old stories that have been long out of date. She helps the client make their own decisions from a centred and grounded place.

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