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The Beauty and Truth of Sachamamma Medicine.

Aliceremony2loIn the Q’ero Indian tradition of the High Andes, we were taught that Sachamamma is the southerly direction of their medicine wheel. The Andean Cosmo vision, like many other indigenous tribes, sees all living beings as equal. A Q’ero Paqo will treat the stars, the sun and his animals as brother or sister. A Paqo is someone who has been called to a spiritual path in the local community, traditionally by being hit by lightning. He can converse with the mountain spirits (The Apu’s) and brings right relationship and reciprocity (Ayni) to his community by bridging both worlds.

Four months after finishing my shamanic training with The Four Winds Society, I moved back to England with my family. I was quite literally shedding a skin, just like a serpent would. Since then, serpent has guided me to step into my new teaching role, as well as travel to the amazon jungle. It’s given me the wisdom and courage to gently speak my truth without fear. Here is the first part of the Sacred Space prayer I use when I call in The Four Directions:

To the winds of the south,

Sachamamma, Amaru, mother of the waters, the rivers and the galaxies, all the roads that lead us together, come join us.

Great Serpent, wrap your coils of light around us,

Teach us to shed the past the way you shed your skin, cleanly all in one piece,

To birth our bodies full of rainbow light, teach us the beauty way: beauty behind us, beauty before us and beauty beside us so everything we create is touched with beauty.

Come mother we welcome you. HO!

Scary-Serpent-640x960At first it felt strange to think that I could evoke an Amazonian serpent energy to weave it’s way into my life and help me to literally clean up the flow of my river. Little did I know quite how transformational serpent would end up being! Sachamamma has guided me through death and re-birth with grace and noble vision; it was only me who kept screaming for help!

As I call serpent in and look at her eye to eye, it can still send shivers up my spine and give me goosebumps. I see her iridescent scales; she has the undulating power to squeeze me tight, as well as walk with beauty in the world. She helps me to nourish myself and to live sustainably on the earth too.If there is anything holding us back from walking our truth or from re-connecting to our innocence, sachamamma will help us to release these blocks and to walk softly on the earth again with a spring in our step. Sachamamma helps us to go deep within and journey to where we source ourselves. The beauty of Sachamamma is that she’s always ready to re-birth you into the world.

Ideas for using Sachamamma medicine in your daily practice.

If you would like to invoke Sachamamma medicine in your life, consider creating a beautiful altar in the southerly direction of your home or garden. Use snake sticks or serpent like stones to help you. Call in sacred space and invoke the archetype of serpent, ask her to help you discover if you are holding onto something you need to let go of in your life . Where is this being held in your body? What is holding you back from speaking your truth or walking with beauty in the world?  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and receive her gentle wisdom through words, a feeling of knowing or imagery.  Release these blocks by blowing them into a stone, or a stick and then bury or burn them at a sacred fire.

Another way to sense these blocks would be to call in sacred space and invoke the archetype Sachamamma, choosing some sacred snaky music just for you. As the music plays, really feel yourself empowered by this serpentine archetype. As you move and dance your snake dance, allow any tensions or blocks to be felt in your body and then let them go with the help of Sachamamma, letting them be shed into the earth, through your feet.

Give thanks and honour your work by holding a sacred fire at a full or new moon to release what needs to be shed, or light a candle. Please see my website for more details of the sacred space prayer or creating a sacred fire.

215-Chakana-at-Pisac-300x225Details of our Sachamamma workshop and the Shamans Medicine Wheel.

We are preparing a series of four weekend workshops which will take you on a Sacred Journey from birth to death and finally to awakening.  They are open to all, regardless of previous experience of shamanism and each can be experienced as a stand-alone workshop or as a complete journey around the Shaman’s Medicine Wheel.

The weekends will be powerful, intensive and very creative and will include ceremony, ritual, many energetic exercises, time for deep personal inner work and group celebration, indoors and outside in nature. These workshops are also relevant to experienced practitioners who want to re-embed these sacred, beautiful ways into their work.


April 20th to 21st                                 SOUTH:  The Way of the Serpent:  Truth and Beauty

June 29th to 30th                                  WEST:     The Way of the Jaguar: Peace and Fearlessness

September 7th to 8th                          NORTH:  The Way of the Hummingbird:  Joy and Harmony

October 19th to 20th                         EAST:         The Way of Eagle:  Vision and Awakening

Neil Brocklehurst and I are experienced shamanic practitioners who have trained with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society and with Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado. We run regular workshops and healing sessions for groups and individuals. You can find out more about Neil at and myself at

COST £100 per workshop

VENUE: Abney Scout and Guide Training and Residential Centre, Newlands Road, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 2PD

MORE INFORMATION: Please phone Neil on 07985 211975

Ali Ceremony Wild Star

For all our relations, Ali Rabjohns 2013.

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