Shamanic Practitioner and Arts Counsellor

Humming-Bird Medicine – Deep Nectar for our Soul’s Calling.

May you fly with beauty

Hummingbird helps us to connect more strongly and to create a space for our soul’s essence to be expressed by releasing the emotional or physical blocks holding us back in the ancestral realms .

When humming-bird arrives it means it is time for ACTION!  It signifies a CALL TO ADVENTURE and a move out of the head and into the centre of one’s will – one’s SOLAR PLEXUS. We cease procrastination and we have to take a LEAP OF FAITH, trusting that all will be well because we have prepared our base well (serpent) and dealt with enough of our shadow and projections (jaguar) to move outwards in the world.

It is different from blind faith, because the trust that underpins its decisive nature is built on a real knowing, true WISDOM which comes from a deep connection with the natural world and with the ANCESTORS – so here we honour the ancestors, the ancient ones for their wise teachings as they stand behind us, supporting us, projecting us, willing us to move forwards and stand on our own two feet.

Alberto Villoldo says in ‘Shaman, Healer, Sage’  ‘ Once touched by the energies of this archetype, we are propelled on our own epic journey that eventually leads us back to our source, where our spirit was spawned, in that ancestral fields of flowers, we can drink deeply from the nectar of our lives’.

The essence of the North energy helps us to release old structures in our lives and the roles that we play out, that may have been passed down to us by our ancestors. When we create ceremony to help these patterns of behaviour release through us , then we create a space for magic to occur. Creativity, storytelling,poetry and myth, even drama are all belonging to the hummingbird domain.

Hummingbird has helped me to organise a trip to Peru with my friends from The Four Winds Society and go, leaving my family behind for three weeks. This medicine helps me not to get bogged down by the minutiae of daily life and to keep my vision strong. Working on the level of the mythic and the soul – hummingbird medicine helps me to show my clients the story of their lives through storytelling or sacred drama and how their highest destiny can unfold with love and self belief.

Humming bird medicine is represented by the theta waves of the brain, where we daydream out of the window whilst washing the dishes – or rise to a challenge, even though we have no idea how we will pay for it or make it happen on a physical level.

Whilst I was in Canada working on a textile installation in a flowery meadow, I was lucky enough to be regularly visited by hummingbirds on our site. These tiny creatures fly from Brazil to Canada each year and need a huge amount of nectar to survive. They don’t worry about where they’re going to get this nectar from but just have a trust and an inner conviction that all will be well.

On a day-to-day basis I use hummingbird to help me tune into my creativity or enjoy the arts, as well as stepping into serving great spirit. This medicine helps me to find the right songs and stories to touch and open up my student’s hearts. It helps my word be filled with light and to follow the courage of my convictions  (and my intuition) even when I can’t see where I’m being taken. Through ceremony, it helps me to see a perceived disaster as a transition to transformation and dream weave the story of my highest destiny into being. Hummingbird definitely helps me to enhance the quality of my life through creating beautiful surroundings.

I track hummingbird with my clients to see the essence of the light in their soul that they carry, to see if they are suffering soul loss and their potential for following their dreams. I help clients to invoke hummingbird when they are embarking on an epic life journey. Ceremony is a wonderful way to invoke Hummingbird, especially through singing or any of the arts.

Ideas for working with Hummingbird:

hummingbird-pictureWhy not invoke hummingbird medicine through your own unique creativity and create an altar to help find a solution to a problem or to honour your ancestors ?. If possible,point this altar towards the North direction and include objects that relate to all the 5 senses as well as the element fire.  You could even make your own love charm from feathers, or use them to clear away any heavy energy that may be holding you back from stepping into your highest destiny.

Use a drumming C.D or drum in order to identify and name all the roles that you have held  or hold in your lifetime. Go back to the moment you took them on and acknowledge how this still holds you in a particular way of being (and doing) and then let them go. Letting them go could be just writing the roles onto scraps of paper and then burning them in a sacred fire. It could also mean invoking hummingbird to blow your love and gratitude for these parts of you before letting them go to fly on to greater heights.

best hummingbird

Neil and I will be teaching the hummingbird (North) direction of the medicine wheel. It will be a powerful and rich weekend, full of practical exercises and tools that will help connect you fully to the archetype of hummingbird and embed new ways of bringing your highest destiny into your every day life.

Please join us on 19/20 October at Abney Hall in Manchester. The full cost (including a night’s accommodation) is £150. Please email me for more details.

May you walk in beauty.

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