Shamanic Practitioner and Arts Counsellor

What is Transpersonal Arts Counselling?

Arts Counselling uses artistic techniques often inspired by nature, it’s rhythms and processes. This therapeutic creativity encourages an awareness of how art can transform self and others in personal, cultural and spiritual ways.

The authenticity of each individual is greatly respected and a solid therapeutic relationship is developed. Sessions are held on a one to one basis, providing a safe and secure environment for the client’s engagement in a person centred, creative process.

The Arts Counsellor initiates and supports a process of recovery, improvement or acceptance in the client’s condition. The client often becomes aware of natural processes in and around themselves and of the healing potential of colour, line and form.

Arts Counselling weaves together a holistic approach that originates from Anthroposophy. Anthroposophy is the philosophy of life that respects the freedom of each human being. The Artistic Therapy connected to this was developed in the early twentieth century by Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Ita Wegman, the artistic therapeutic work of Dr. Margarethe Hauschka and the artist Liane Collot D’Herbois.

Where are the Transpersonal Arts Counselling Sessions ?

We work in a beautiful healing studio, overlooking the downs. When we’re out of balance, one of the most nurturing things we can do is to be in nature. Creative exercises based around nature help us to develop self-awareness and strengthen the connection to our soul.

Experiencing and observing the light, colour and form of all nature’s seasons can enliven us and show us her treasures, allowing our soul to develop through creative exercises. When we feel supported by nature, we can trust and allow our natural healing process to unfold.


London, England, United Kingdom


How does Transpersonal Arts Counselling work?

This type of arts counselling has a transpersonal perspective, seeing every illness as having its roots in the soul. The creative process creates a bridge between the human being and the soul; this is created in the land of the mythic. Artistic work through story, painting, textiles, clay, and drawing works at the level of the soul and is an expression of the mythic world.

The overall intention is to create a safe space for the therapeutic relationship to grow and develop. Within the therapeutic container, the creative process allows each client to strengthen their awareness of the natural world and the healing potential of colour, composition and form or line.

Each session is tailored individually and weaves in shamanic work where appropriate. Shamanic journeying works very well with artistic work. Also, creative visualisation and working on the earth can all be aspects of a therapeutic arts session.

Goethe describes colours as ‘the Joys and Sorrows of Light’. It is the medium in which feelings (the soul) can awaken.

Painting in particular helps us to deepen and enrichen our appreciation of colour, activating the powers of imagination. Colour is a strong harmonising medium, with the ability to connect with our inner world and bringing emotional equilibrium.

Therapeutic Work 1:1

Ali offers various drawing, painting and clay-modelling techniques, in order to correspond with the three faculties: thinking, feeling and willing.  Often one area dominates over another and we try to find a healthy balance here through different artistic exercises.

For example, working with colours involves a soul-movement and a colour can set the mood of a painting. Colours are a strong medium with the ability to connect with our inner emotional world. Through guided painting, visualisation exercises and pastel drawings, we can discover the harmonising quality of colour and regain our emotional equilibrium.

What can Transpersonal Arts Counselling help with?

Transpersonal Arts Counselling can help with gradually coming to terms with an illness, a transition or a loss . It’s a poignant way of expressing issues that can’t be verbalised. Please note that you don’t need to be an artist to participate!

Much like shamanism and the Q’ero lineage, the anthroposophical approach looks at the three centres that need to come into balance: the head, the heart and the will. Often one area dominates over another and we try to find a healthy balance here through different artistic exercises. These can help get to the root of an issue over time.

Through the artistic process, the intention is to strengthen and bring into balance the whole human being , helping to trigger the body’s self-healing mechanism once more. This helps to build resilience and confidence, allowing a happier life to unfold. When the soul is happy, there is no illness or heavy emotion present.


Arts Counselling is once a week for a minimum of six weeks at a time. Each session is 50 minutes and costs £60. Concessions are available upon request. Children under 18yrs are £55, children under 16 yrs old are £45.

Ali is a fully insured member of AATA, BAAT, MBACP (Accred) and a qualified Arts Counsellor, having undertaken a professional training recognised by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum in Switzerland.

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