Ali Rabjohns

Art Work

The materials I use are mainly textiles based; I particularly love using nuno felt. The name is derived from the Japanese word ‘nuno’ meaning cloth. This technique bonds loose wool fibres into an open fabric such as silk gauze, creating a lightweight felt. I love experimenting with painting, felting, weaving, natural dyes and deconstructed textiles. I create special tactile places or surfaces connected to nature, inspired by the elements and my spiritual connection to a power place on the earth.

I gain clarity and nourishment from what some people call ‘The invisible realms’ and I enjoy watching these worlds of the unconscious and conscious arrive in my artwork. It takes a certain level of trust and courage to do this.

A very important part of my practice or ethos is the theme of sustainability.

I prefer using natural materials and dyes, wherever possible – walking softly on the earth and leaving the smallest footprint I can for our children’s children.

Felt making is the most ancient form of textiles, predating weaving. Felted pieces in Europe have been discovered originating from the Bronze Age in 5AD. The most wonderful thing about felting is that the craft can meet you at whatever artistic level you are. Whether a beginner, craft person or textile artist – the development of different felting techniques ranging from Nuno felting to three-dimensional techniques has something to offer everybody.

In The Steiner Curative Education curriculum, Rudolf Steiner recommends that the therapeutic activity of felting can stimulate the rhythmic system and “the feeling realm of our heart”. By being able to choose the colours that speak to us, feeling the different qualities of each fleece that we use can really help us to move out of our heads and into our own hands. Through using natural materials in my artwork, I re-connect to the seasons and to the natural world around me. The one constant element that inspires my artistic practice is my own connection to nature, which is becoming more of a need for sacred space in nature. It’s a subtle, slow process that helps my artwork to evolve. I use this therapeutic approach to felting and watercolour painting, in order to create my own sacred space. Whether it’s macro or micro vision, nature in all it’s forms and seasons speak to me through my own experience of them.

My aim is to express my experience of ‘Walking between the Worlds’ like a shaman. Through my experience of shamanism and previous travels to Peru, I enjoy using my shamanic skills and my drum to help me to journey to the roots of those painful and joyous moments I’ve experienced in my sacred giJ called life. Then, when these roots have been uncovered, they can start to emerge in my art work .


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