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Ancestral Work

Often, there is something holding us back on our male or female line. Ancestral work is partly tracking the root of the block, which could be up to seven generations back. These roots are usually patterns of behaviour, bad habits and addiction – they could also point to a family situation which needs to be resolved and therefore gets repeated until it’s brought for healing. The main thing to remember about having or holding this pattern is that it isn’t your fault. The very fact that you’re aware of it could mean that it’s you who are the catalyst for change and healing within your family and take heart that the work you do around these issues will affect your own children and /or seven generations into the future.

Ancestral work is rewarding and you can usually feel a huge sense of relief and an unburdening when you work on these issues. If things remain unresolved then they may sometimes also come up in the realms of relationship.


Types of intervention

With Ancestral work, there are several types of intervention.


With an Ancestral altar, our direct line to spirit

Cord Cutting

Releasing any heaviness between you and another for your highest good

Underground Extraction

A journey into the underworld with the question ‘What’s holding you back?’ Then we can find the patterns or sacred contracts on the male or female line that are no longer serving you and clear them. This allows you to fully step into your power

Psychopomp Work

There’s also the work of helping those who have ‘passed over’ (who may also be relations) to move towards the light for healing. Sometimes our relations stay around us when they’ve passed on, hoping for healing. Really, they need gently reminding that there’s a beautiful spirit world to re-discover

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